Shining Vale — Chapter 6, Whispering Hope Review

Final Level Big Bad Boss

By Mark

It’s one month later and all is going well for the Phelps family. Dad Terry, Greg Kinnear (“ Brigsby Bear”, “ The Stand (TV) “), is enjoying wood (not in that way), mum Pat, Courtney Cox (“Scream”, “Shameless (TV)”), has finished her book and loves it, daughter Gaynor, Gus Birney (“Dickinson (TV)”, “Plan B”), is now singing in the choir and son Jake, Dylan Gage (“PEN15 (TV)”, “Hillbilly Elegy”), has reached the final level of his game.

At least, that’s what they all think. In reality Terry is depressed because he hasn’t got a job, Pat’s book is hated by the publisher because she killed off Rosemary mid-way through and Jake hasn’t reached the final level as a young girl appears and says there’s more.

When Pat’s publicist tells her they don’t like the book anymore, she decides she needs some drugs to help her with the re-write and so goes to her mom Joan, Judith Light (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Transparent (TV)”).

Joan is pleased to be of service and provides what she needs, along with a few additional pills, although they are out of date, Pat doesn’t really have much of a choice.

The family all go to church to hear Gaynor sing, but Pat hasn’t slept much in the last month and does so during the service, jerking awake with a loud “fuck” at an inopportune moment. The neighbour Valerie He, Susan Park (“ Snowpiercer (TV) “, “Briarpatch (TV)”), isn’t happy, with Pat or the fact that the fence between the two houses is falling down. Terry says he’ll build a new one.

Whilst Valerie is dropping off Gaynor’s outfit for her baptism, something Pat doesn’t want her to do, Pat tries to get her to summon Rosemary, Mira Sorvino (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Stuber”). She’s reluctant until Pat says she won’t go to the baptism if she does it, so she does.

Rosemary appears, Pat asks for her help, says she can even sleep with Terry again if she wants, but it’s not enough, this time Rosemary wants more, much more. Meanwhile Jake finally reaches the end of his game, which has real life repercussions and Rosemary jumps into someone other than Pat.

A darkly humorous episode of Shining Vale that works on a lot of levels. This has probably been the one time in the last few episodes where all the families’ little foibles and things actually come together and make some sense.

Written by Jill E. Blotevogel (“Scream: The TV Series (TV)”, “Berlin Station (TV)”), directed by Alethea Jones (“Dollface (TV)”, “Queen America (TV)”).

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