Slow Horses — Episode 3, Bad Tradecraft Review

‘Course Not, He Wouldn’t Be Dead

By Mark

Min Harper, Dustin Demri-Burns (“The Great (TV)”, “Britannia (TV)”), and Louisa Guy, Rosalind Eleazar (“ The Personal History of David Copperfield”, “Uncle Vanya”), get drunk and Min says he knows Jackson Lamb’s, Gary Oldman (“ Darkest Hour”, “ Killers Anonymous “), password, which is ‘password’.

They decide to go back to Slough House to find out what he knows, and what others know, about Hassan Ahmed’s, Antonio Aakeel (“ Tomb Raider “, “Eaten by Lions”), kidnapping. However, as they walk through the door they begin snogging each other and are interrupted by banging from upstairs.

They split up to investigate, but find nothing, until they do when a masked man bursts out on them, knocking them both out of the way, but Min dives on him and they both tumble down the stairs…only Min manages to get back up.

River Cartwright, Jack Lowden (“ Fighting with My Family”, “ Dunkirk”), meanwhile is being kept in a storage cupboard at the hospital. He stupidly travelled in the ambulance with Sid Baker, Olivia Cooke (“ Naked Singularity”, “ Sound of Metal “), which meant his name lit-up everywhere.

As he’s plotting a way out of the storage cupboard Lamb comes and rescues him. They get away and head back to Slough House and as they walk in have to step over the dead body at the bottom of the stairs who, it turns out, is Jed Moody, Steve Waddington (“Jamestown (TV)”, “The Imitation Game”), who was also the intruder at Robert Hobden’s, Paul Hilton (“The Crown (TV)”, “Swansong”), house.

Lamb pulls a wad of cash and the bug from Moody, as well as two mobile phones. When he calls one he seems unsurprised when Diana Taverner, Kristin Scott Thomas (“ Tomb Raider”, “ Darkest Hour “), answers, says they need to talk.

Hobden meanwhile has gone to see Peter Judd, Samuel West (“ The Gentlemen”, “ Darkest Hour “), an MP. He tells him it was a ‘spook’ who came to kill him and tries to convince Peter that he should care what he knows about the Hassan kidnapping, that MI5 are going to stage a rescue, Peter doesn’t care.

Lamb meets Taverner by a canal where the two spar with each other. Taverner admits she made a mistake and Hobden may have overheard her speaking to her brother about the Hassan kidnapping. Which she also admits is staged and Hassan is, in fact, the nephew of the number two military leader in Pakistan.

Taverner makes Lamb go to the house where Hassan is being kept and knock on the door. She says her guy will recognise him and then her men will come in and clean it all up. He’s not convinced and bargains a whole bunch of other stuff from her, not just for him, in fact, mostly for his team.

However, not everything is going to go to Taverner’s plan as Curly, Brian Vernel (“ Dunkirk “, “The Last Kingdom (TV)”), one of the kidnappers, has other ideas. He was the one texting from a phone hidden in the bathroom, but is he the spook?

A great episode of Slow Horses, full of more intrigue and mystery and, perhaps most importantly, it’s chocked full of Jackson Lamb’s acerbic wit and one-liners which are brilliant.

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