Slow Horses — Episode 5, Fiasco Review

Now That Was Funny

By Mark

Min Harper, Dustin Demri-Burns (“The Great (TV)”, “Britannia (TV)”), and Louisa Guy, Rosalind Eleazar (“ The Personal History of David Copperfield “, “Uncle Vanya”), are climbing over some railings into a graveyard, the Slough House meeting point.

Jackson Lamb, Gary Oldman (“ Darkest Hour”, “ Killers Anonymous “), and Catherine Standish, Saskia Reeves (“Us (TV)”, “Belgravia (TV)”), arrive. The former still hasn’t told the latter what she wants to know.

Roddy Ho, Christopher Chung (“Waterloo Road (TV)”, “Secret Santa (Short)”), turns up, without River Cartwright, Jack Lowden (“ Fighting with My Family”, “ Dunkirk “), who does eventually show up, out of breath after running across London.

Cartwright says he’s finally remembered where he saw Alan Black, Sam Hazeldine (“ Killers Anonymous”, “The Last Duel”). It was when he was tailing Diana Taverner, Kristin Scott Thomas (“Tomb Raider”, “ Darkest Hour “), he says there will be photographs, but they’re in HQ.

Lamb and Cartwright go to get the photos leaving the others in the graveyard wondering what to do, they head to a cafe, Ho keeping an eye on the ‘dogs’ who are on looking for them. They decide to look into Black, see what they can find themselves, Ho doing most of the work on his laptop.

Curly, Brian Vernel (“ Dunkirk “, “The Last Kingdom (TV)”), Larry, David Walmsley (“Peterloo”, “The Terror (TV)”), and Zeppo, Stephen Walters (“Silent Witness (TV)”, “Shetland (TV)”), are still in the van listening to the news, there’s nothing about the dead, headless man.

They’re running out of fuel, Curly says they’ll drive till they run out and then cut Hassan Ahmed’s, Antonio Aakeel (“ Tomb Raider “, “Eaten by Lions”), head off. But Zeppo has different ideas, he pulls a gun he took from Black and gets Curly to pull over.

Ho, Standish, Min and Louisa have found the reg. Number of the van the trio are in. Meanwhile Lamb arrives at HQ in the stolen Range Rover, saying he’s returning it. He wants to speak to Nick Duffy, Chris Reilly (“Wrath of Man”, “Devils (TV)”), to give it back. He lets himself be taken in and they drive the car into HQ.

There’s a tense moment when Zeppo decides to send Hassan to fill-up the van with diesel, particularly when a woman asks for his help with her filler cap which has become stuck.

Lamb is taken to Taverner, she gives him an update on Sid Baker, Olivia Cooke (“ Naked Singularity”, “ Sound of Metal “), then makes him an offer, a statement. Sign it, he’ll lose his job but it’ll all be redacted in his file.

Cartwright gets into HQ and goes to see James ‘Spider’ Webb, Freddie Fox (“The Crown (TV)”, “White House Farm (TV)”), for the photos. He says he knows Taverner will have told Spider to get rid of them, but that he knows he’ll have kept a copy. He has.

Taverner is trying to get Lamb to sign the agreement, but then Cartwright arrives with the photos, showing her and Black meeting. They threaten to send the photos around, she relents.

Curly says Hassan can come if he makes them laugh. They all laugh, Zeppo slams on the brakes and grabs the gun…

Another breathless episode of Slow Dogs, it’s a great series. Sure, there are some ‘don’t think too hard about it’ moments but because of the acerbic wit, mostly from Oldman, and the fast pace they don’t linger on them too long and just about get away with them.

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