Slow Horses — Episode 6, Follies Review

Ends Are Tied, New Ones Created

By Mark

Diana Taverner, Kristin Scott Thomas (“ Tomb Raider”, “ Darkest Hour”), and the dogs pay a visit to Peter Judd, Samuel West (“The Gentlemen”, “Darkest Hour”), the MP whom Robert Hobden, Paul Hilton (“The Crown (TV)”, “ Swansong “), visited previously.

Taverner threatens him, says she hasn’t, but can and will, prove he has links to the people who have kidnapped Hassan Ahmed, Antonio Aakeel (“ Tomb Raider “, “Eaten by Lions”). Judd isn’t interested until Taverner tells him to get some comfy clothes and prepare for an unmarked room in the basement.

He offers a different take on things and says they have a common person in all of this, Robert Hobden. Outside Judd’s flat River Cartwright, Jack Lowden (“ Fighting with My Family”, “ Dunkirk”), is talking to himself in a car, Jackson Lamb, Gary Oldman (“ Darkest Hour”, “ Killers Anonymous “), is with him, but he’s asleep.

Roddy Ho, Christopher Chung (“Waterloo Road (TV)”, “Secret Santa (Short)”), has managed to track the van with the kidnappers and Struan Loy, Paul Higgins (“Line of Duty (TV)”, “Raised by Wolves (TV)”), and Louisa Guy, Rosalind Eleazar (“ The Personal History of David Copperfield “, “Uncle Vanya”), give chase.

Ho and Catherine Standish, Saskia Reeves (“Us (TV)”, “Belgravia (TV)”), find Lamb and Cartwright and tell them what they know. Lamb, in turn, tells Taverner when she leaves Judd’s place. Lamb goes after the kidnappers too, Ho and Standish head back to Slough House.

Curly, Brian Vernel (“Brian Vernel”, “The Last Kingdom (TV)”), Larry, David Walmsley (“Peterloo”, “The Terror (TV)”), and Hassan arrive at a spot that Curly is happy with. He, with the gun, forces them all out of the van. Larry with a hog tied Hassan, Curly following, through a forest to find a nice head chopping spot.

Struan manages to run out of petrol and he and Louisa are stranded at the side of the road. Lamb and Cartwright pass them whilst giving chase, they don’t stop.

Larry, deciding that Hassan is right and Curly is probably going to kill him too, frees him and tries to use him as a distraction. When this fails he swings the axe at Curly, knocking him down, and, for some unknown reason, decides not to finish the job but runs, as Curly fires wildly. Larry makes it back to the van and heads to the boat. Hassan is recaught by Curly who leads him to a folly to film the beheading.

Taverner, watching the dogs via head-cams, authorises lethal force and they take out Larry at the docks. Ho is keeping Cartwright and Lamb up to date with everything that’s happening, including that the van is empty. He tells them where it last stopped and they head back, picking up Struan and Louisa on the way.

By the end, everyone, bar Lamb, thinks they’ve done a good job, he laughs in their faces. Lamb trades Taverner some information and Standish confronts Lamb for the truth about Charles. He gives her a version, we see what really happens.

I had my doubts that they would knit everything together and finish it off in just six episodes but they’ve managed it well, whilst setting up some of the story lines to continue in season two (a preview of which you see at the end of this episode).

Overall it has to be said that Slow Horses has been brilliant. The early episodes in particular where superb, it did get a little ‘same-ol, same-ol’ towards the middle, but Lamb’s acerbic wit and cutting remarks are more than enough to make up for that.

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