Snowpiercer — Episode 10 Review

994 Cars Long

As we hit the final episode we see Melanie (Connelly) relinquish control over the train to the ‘rebel army’ and Andre (Diggs).

Ruth (Wright) calls the whole thing ‘utopian twaddle’ and doesn’t believe it can work, at all, and she is not happy, at all.

This final episode, for the most part, is about finding out what happened to those who have either lost, gained or who we missed during the last few.

We see LJ (Basso) being unceremoniously turfed out of her first-class home by Pike (Ogg), who is in cahoots with Terence (Toub), and living it up in first class.

Bess (Sumner) and Jinju (Park) split up, Ruth stomps about the place, Javier (Urbina) is back in the train and Miles (Fletcher) is nowhere to be seen.

As the train approaches Chicago, the scene where it all began, to begin another revolution, a new revolution, Bennett is acting suspicious.

Javier is listening to the ham radio and is trying to pin-point the signal and is convinced that it is out of the train, Bennett says the satellite feed has gone down and he seems to be taking his time bringing it back up.

As the train slows to pin-point the signal, they see another train, another Snowpiercer, coming through the snow, straight for them.

Melanie immediately panics and floors the train, doing everything she can to outrun it. But this new train is fast and it latches on to Snowpiercer.

Melanie heads outside, on top of the train, to try and stop the new train from hacking their systems, but she can’t get there in time and is instead, thrown from the train as they both come to a, rather quick, halt.

As Andre, Ruth, Roche and others wait by the door at the tail of the train to see who comes through when it opens, they’re surprised to see a young girl come through.

She tells them Mr. Wilford has taken control of their train and they have 13 minutes to surrender, peacefully. Andre asks who she is but the girl doesn’t answer, instead asking if Melanie Cavill is on board.

Andre says she is and, again, asks who she is. No-one is surprised when she announces she is…Well, see for yourself.

James Hawes is back in the director’s chair with Graeme Manson, who wrote the first episode and created this whole thing, back in the writer’s chair.

As the season draws to a close, I guess we should pass an overall verdict. Snowpiercer has been a series of two halves; the first was good, the class system in place, tit-for-tat battles and the like.

Sadly, as things progressed, it began to get more and more cliched and predictable. There were moments of greatness, but these are lost in the mire of eye-rolling that bogged the latter episodes.

There will be a second series, that’s already been confirmed, so we will see more of Connelly and co, I’m undecided if that’s a good thing or not.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.



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