Snowpiercer — Episode 2 Review

Prepare To Brace

By Mark

So, hopefully you read our review of episode one, and that you’ve actually seen it for yourself, because, if not, there may be spoilers ahead.

We learned at the end of episode one that there is no Mr. Wilford, Mr. Wilford is in fact Melanie (Connelly). This is her train, she is in charge, what she says, goes.

Ruth, Alison Wright (“ Castle Rock (TV)”, “ The Accountant “), announces to the tailies that, despite taking three tailies and putting them in the drawers, Mr. Wilford also wants some immediate justice.

And so, they take the young girl, who in episode one was helping the rebellion, and threaten her with punishment. But, just in the nick of time, her mother stands up and begs to be punished instead.

Ruth agrees. They pour water on her bare arm, pin a loop to the top and stick it outside whilst Ruth begins a stopwatch. Her arm freezes almost instantly and, when they bring it back inside the train, the smash it to pieces with a sledgehammer.

Up train, Layton (Diggs), and his new assistant Bess, Mickey Sumner (“American Made”, “Frances Ha”), interview the man who found the body, he’s not much help. Next, they head to the ‘night car’ where the first murder took place.

This is, essentially, a nightclub/cabaret bar and Layton meets Zarah, Sheila Vand (“ Argo “, “Triple Frontier”), who, it transpires, was his fiancée back when the world wasn’t frozen over. He learns that the dead person was a snitch for Mr. Wilford and was given perks in exchange.

An autopsy is performed on the body and Layton throws it out there that the only people who would have the tools to hack off the genitals, arms and legs of a body would be the butchers on the train. Is this cannibalism?

Layton and Bess try to get into the butcher’s car but aren’t allowed. As they walk away the trains sets off a level three avalanche and the butchers are thrown around the car, smashing a window, letting the cold in which kills them and the cattle.

The pair manage to get into the fridge and discover the body parts, but Layton doesn’t believe it was the butchers who killed the man.

Whilst he’s roaming around, Layton is picking up what he can, not just information but a pen, a clip, whatever he can get his hands on and secrete on his body.

He manages to draw a map of the train, as far as he’s seen, on a scrap of his t-shirt and comes up with an elaborate plan to give it to some tailies he saw earlier who were being taken for sanitation duties.

Mr. Wilford accelerates the apprenticeship scheme for the tailies due to the incident in the cattle car and Miles (Fletcher), along with two others, is selected.

Sam Miller (“Luther (TV)”, “Daredevil (TV)”) takes directorial duties this time round with writing by Donald Joh (“The Romanoff’s (TV)”, “Covert Affairs (TV)”). It’s a decent episode though ends rather abruptly.

Both Connelly and Diggs continue to impress, it will be interesting to see how things progress, this episode hasn’t set my world on fire if I’m completely honest.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.



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