Snowpiercer — Episode 3 Review

Access Is Power

By Mark

Snowpiercer does return and from the off we learn more in the opening few minutes than the entire remaining 40 of the episode.

Anyway, what we learn is that there is a market onboard the train, but not an official market. Each passenger has a chip embedded in their hands. These chips are the key to how you live whilst onboard.

This makes the chips highly valuable, highly prized and tradeable, worth killing over, particularly if it was for first class for instance.

The dead man that started all this, Sean Wise, was a snitch, as we already know. Melanie (Connelly) informs Andre (Diggs) that he was informing them about a new drug, that is sweeping through various cars, called Cronos or Chronos.

Andre informs them it isn’t new, it has been in the tail for two revolutions, which takes both Melanie and Roche, Mike O’Malley (“ Sully “, “Concussion”), her head of security, by surprise.

Not quite as much of a surprise as when Andre tells them that their young security guard Osweiler, Sam Otto (“The State (TV)”, “The Corrupted”), has been trading blow jobs for the drug. They interview him, but he’s less than useless.

We see that Bess (Summer) and Jinju, Susan Park (“Vice Principals (TV)”, “Ghostbusters”), Melanie’s right hand woman, are sleeping together, which is when Jinju lets slip that Nikki, Madeleine Arthur (“ Color Out Of Space “, “The Family (TV)”), the woman wrongly imprisoned for the first murder, is awake.

Bess and Andre (Diggs) head straight to see her, despite Melanie (Connelly) not wanting anyone to see her whilst she’s still a bit drugged up. Andre instantly recognises that she looks like she’s coming down from Crono.

The doctor, Klimpt, Happy Anderson (“Mindhunter (TV)”, “ Bright “), tells them it’s all normal and it’s just the drugs they use to put them in the draws. They ask if Crono is the drug used to put them under, but realise it’s the other way round, the drug they use for the draws has been turned into Crono.

Melanie decides that, as a bit of a distraction for the train, to bring forward ‘fight night’, where two people knock seven bells out of each other in the hope of winning an upgrade to third class.

This turns into an all-out brawl amongst everyone except first class. This serves as enough of a distraction technique for Andre to meet with the head janitor Terence, Shaun Toub (“Homeland (TV)”, “Iron Man”).

Terence is the one who has been dealing Crono to the train and he provides some information on the last time he saw Sean Wise alive and describes a man from first class.

Andre uses this knowledge to get Melanie to let him see Josie (McGuinness) where he passes on a key he acquired from Terence.

Sam Miller is back in the directors’ chair with Lizzie Mickery (“The Bill (TV)”, “Rogue (TV)”) is on writing duties. This is a good episode, lots going on as usual but, most importantly, things progress and we’re left with a cliff-hanger as Nikki has a visitor, not a nice one either.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.



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