Snowpiercer — Episode 5 Review

Justice Never Boarded

By Mark

Tensions rise aboard Snowpiercer as the trial of LJ Folger (Basso) for the murder of two people is about to start. Usually, this would see a ‘select tribunal’ pass verdict.

However, Audrey, Lena Hall (“Becks”, “Girls (TV)”), who runs the night car demands that Mr. Wilford choose a representative from each class, first to third, to be on the tribunal, threatening Melanie (Connelly) with revolt.

Melanie concedes and the trail begins, with testimony from everyone except Andre (Diggs), which no-one seems to question, who is in the draws still, and dreaming.

Josie (McGuinness) meanwhile goes up the train with sanitation again to hear some news on Andre. She is told to find Terrance (Toub) as he will have some idea on Andre’s whereabouts.

Finding him, they decide that now is a good time to hit the draws, given everyone’s focus will be on the trial, and so they do, Josie under the impression it’s to find Andre, when in reality Terence just wants the drugs.

Josie, left alone in the draws, manages to find Andre but is spotted by a passing Bess (Summer) and Osweiler (Otto). Osweiler goes full brute force on Josie, whilst Bess keeps asking why Andre is not in the tail where she was told he is.

As Osweiler begins strangling Josie, Bess whacks him, knocking him unconscious and they, together, drag Andre out and down train. Bess leaves Josie to get back to Osweiler, but he is gone, and Josie can only get Andre as far as Zarah (Vand) who promises to look after him.

Back at the trial and Mr. and Mrs. Folger are doing what they can to get everyone on their daughters’ side. We learn that Robert Folger, Vincent Gale (“Van Helsing (TV)”, “Bates Motel (TV)”), has a false eye, something that LJ removed in a fit of rage when she was younger.

When it comes time for LJ to speak at the trial, she reveals that she knows that dead man Sean Wise was an informant. Melanie speculates that perhaps she knows the draws are experimental, which makes her nervous.

When the jury find LJ guilty, a message comes through from Mr. Wilford saying that, because LJ is so young, he won’t put her in the draws, but commit her to her parents.

Frederick E.O. Toye (“Westworld (TV)”, “Watchmen (TV)”) is back in the directing chair with Chinaka Hodge (“Amazing Stories (TV)”) on writing duties.

It’s an odd episode, a lot less occurs than we’ve had previously and, much like the question of how does a train circle a frozen planet when no-one is looking after the tracks, there’s some obvious points that you think ‘why didn’t they just do that’? But I guess that doesn’t make good drama.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.




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