Snowpiercer — Episode 7 Review

The Universe Is Indifferent

By Mark

As we pass the halfway mark with Snowpiercer we seem to be entering the phase of cliché’s and horrible, eye-roll inducing scenes which is a real shame given how things have been up to now.

We open this episode on LJ (Basso) who appears to be as free as she was before, rendering most of what went on previously as pointless.

We also learn that the third driver, Javier, Roberto Urbina (“Recovery Road (TV)”, “Narcos (TV)”), also knows that Melanie is really Mr. Wilford. Which I’m sure will come back round at some point.

Melanie (Connelly) attempts to get to the bottom of how Andre (Diggs) got out of the draws and Klempt (Anderson), also announces that some drugs are missing. This leads Melanie to Terence (Toub), who denies all knowledge, but the threat of losing an arm sees him say he’ll shop Andre as soon as he sees him.

The aforementioned Andre is taken to Miss Audrey (Hall) and he wants her to help him gather people, he wants to tell her, and the people she trusts, what he knows about Melanie.

Josie (McGuinness) is disguised and in the doctor’s area in order to meet Miles (Fletcher), who has been slipped something to make him sick. There, she says she needs him to do something, but we do not hear what.

Commander Grey, Timothy V. Murphy (“Westworld (TV)”, “Anything”), and Ruth (Wright) go on a date, which feels creepy more than anything. Then the Folgers turn up and the reason for Commander Grey’s interest becomes clear; they want to replace Melanie.

Melanie visits Zarah (Vand), congratulating her on her pregnancy, and asking about Andre. She threatens Zarah’s baby, wanting to know who helped him escape. We next see Melanie as she visits the tail, with Zarah in tow, and forces Zarah to point Josie out.

Melanie then interrogates Josie. Realising she isn’t going to get Josie to talk, she hooks up a pipe to the outside of the train and begins freezing parts of Josie.

Andre can’t convince everyone to join his revolution, Terrence in particular does not want to know, but we do not get to see how the previous conversations went.

Bess (Sumner) gets in to see Josie during the interrogation, whilst Melanie is busy throwing up, but she can’t help her. Josie gives her a message for Andre and another secret message.

As Melanie is heading back in, Ruth turns up to tell her what the Folgers are up to, but Melanie doesn’t want to hear it and snaps at Ruth, who does not look pleased and turns on her heels out of there.

Josie manages to escape from Melanie’s cuffs, which is plausible, but is spoiled by the many ways in which Josie could have ended Melanie both during the struggle and before Melanie even came back. Still, wouldn’t be a drama then, would it?

Helen Shaver is back in the director’s chair with Donald Joh, who also wrote episode two, back in the writing chair.

I liked Snowpiercer, it wasn’t exactly new, but it had enough to keep you interested. Now, however, as we roll past the half-way mark of the series, it is feeling cliched, predictable almost and, despite at the start of every episode being told this train is 1,001 cars long, I don’t think we’ve seen more than five.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.



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