Star Trek: Picard — Episode 10, Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 Review

This Is The End

By Mark

And so, here we are, the end is nigh, well, it’s here. Picard ends right here, right now…until season two starts, whenever that might be.

We are still on planet synth and Narek escapes and makes his way onto the Borg Cube. On board, he manages to evade every system and person still on and working, but can’t escape his sister Narissa who has, somehow, found her way on board.

They talk, and Narek leaves with some grenades whilst his sister remains to try and get the Borg’s weapons online. Narek takes the grenades in the hope of destroying the transmitter Soji is building to call upon this higher power.

However, he doesn’t take them there, instead he goes to Rios’ ship, which he and Raffi have just fixed, and convinces them they have a common enemy and they should team up. They do, along with Elnor who arrives shortly after.

Back in the synth compound, Jurati manages to give all of the synths the slip and free Picard from his captivity, and then slip out again and back to Rios’ ship, just as they arrive at the compound with a plan to destroy the transmitter.

Picard heads off planet to face the incoming Romulan fleet, hoping Starfleet turns up at some point in time. Raffi and co’s plan does not go to, well, plan, and the transmitter is started and a mechanical, tentacle things starts to come through.

We see some space battles, some big flowers and some tragedy, which obviously doesn’t last.

There’s an obvious question in that; when Soong discovers it wasn’t Narek that killed his beloved synth, but Sutra, why doesn’t he just show all the other synths the video which surely would have convinced them she is unhinged?

Instead he confronts her, and we end up with an unnecessary long-winded section of Soji playing a game of reverse Jenga on her own.

Anyway, I’m trying to avoid spoilers, so I’ll leave this review here. It’s a decent end to the series and it sets the next up one nicely, it already looks better than this one and we don’t see any of it, just who is going to be involved.

Originally published at on March 26, 2020.



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