Star Trek: Picard, Episode 10, Farewell Review

Why Me?

By Mark

And so my friends, the time has come, to raise…wait, that’s not right. We have reached the season finale of Star Trek: Picard and some may add a ‘finally’ to that too.

This particular episode is concerned with the gang saving the Europa Mission…I mean, it’s not, obviously they do, that was never in doubt, right? Actually what this episode is concerned with is wrapping up all those loose ends and providing some convenient ways to explain why not everyone will be in the final season.

You see, despite Dr. Adam Soong’s, Brent Spiner (“Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (TV)”, “Independence Day: Resurgence”), best attempts, he is unable to prevent the Europa Mission from taking off. Of course, now it just remains for everyone else to live in their new time, or do they?

It appears not, as luckily Q, John de Lancie (“Manipulated”, “When the Train Stops (Short)”), has one final trick up his very long sleeves. Although there’s no explanation as to how he has his powers back, suddenly, when he wasn’t able to use them previously.

Anyway, use them he does and we are back on board the ship from episode one that is about to self destruct. I won’t go further, but I’m sure most of you put two and two together already, if not it should click now, as to what the previous eight or so episodes have been all about.

So that’s it. That is season two and with season three having been announced, and confirmed as the final, we have just ten further episodes of Mr Picard and his merry adventures.

Previously I’d have been very upset by that, however, after this season I feel less upset. It’s not that season two has been bad per say, I mean, it’s not been great, but compared to season one it has been painful to watch at times.

Storylines have been slow, twists and turns either straight out of Hollywood or so obvious you saw them a star jump away.

Perhaps the largest issue is that, after the final part of this episode, you realise that the last eight episodes have been like a massive flashback, one through time granted, but a flashback nonetheless, all so Picard can save the day in the future.

Truth is they could have done that in episode one and Picard could just have explained to the others how he knew who was behind the mask in a few minutes, rather than eight episodes.

You think you are getting a glimpse as to what’s to come as a Next Generation star turns up towards the end to talk to Kore Soong, Isa Briones (“Takers”, “Lonely Boy”), however she’s already announced she won’t be coming back, so, who knows what that was for.

Here’s hoping Star Trek Strange New Worlds is consistently better, not that it matters, being in the UK we can’t watch it till the end of June and by then everyone else will have made their minds up!

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