Star Trek: Picard — Episode 4, The Watcher Review

Time, Is On Your Side

By Mark

Raffi Musiker, Michelle Hurd (“Blindspot (TV)”, “Hawaii Five-0 (TV)”), and Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan (“ Devil’s Revenge “, “Bosch (TV)”), are attempting to find Cristóbal Rios’, Santiago Cabrera (“Big Little Lies (TV)”, “The Flight Attendant (TV)”), but are told he was arrested.

Back on the ship meanwhile and Jean-Luc Picard, Patrick Stewart (“ Logan”, “Green Room”), is having kittens that he can’t raise anyone on the comms. He and Dr. Agnes Jurati, Alison Pill (“Them (TV)”, “ Devs (TV) “), cloak the ship and head to his chateau.

Once inside, in front of a nice, cosy fire, Jurati keeps picking things up with the number 15; 1915 bottle of wine, 15th edition of a book. Picard surmises her subconscious is trying to tell her something and they believe it means they have until the 15th, just three days from now, before the timeline is changed.

In a move they are no doubt going to regret, Picard decides to head off-ship to try and find the Watcher leaving Jurati behind with the The Borg Queen, Annie Wersching (“Bosch (TV)”, “Runaways (TV)”), who has provided some coordinates for Picard to beam to.

These coordinates land him outside a familiar bar, 10 Forward. Inside he finds his, not so old, old friend Guinan, Ito Aghayere (“ Logan Lucky “, “Carol’s Second Act (TV)”), who has no idea who he is and is in the process of closing the bar, for good, and skipping this planet.

Picard thinks Guinan is the Watcher and, without revealing who he is, tries to convince her to help. But she is weary of this time, this planet and has her mind made up she needs to leave.

Cris is being held in a detention centre and not exactly making friends with the police. He is eventually given a nice comfy seat on a deportation bus to take him back ‘home’, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rafi & Seven head to the police station to find Cris but are told he isn’t there. So they steal a police car in an attempt to get to the detention centre and bust him out. They need to drive because, back on the ship, Jurati can’t get the transporter to work and the only person who could is the Borg Queen, but she wants something in return…

Guinan is just about to leave when, as a last ditch attempt to convince her otherwise, Picard tells her who he is. She knows his name, seems to recognise it and tells him she can get a face-to-face with a watcher, sort of.

They head to a park where the Watcher, via taking over various people in the park, tells Guinan to leave and leads Picard on a merry chase until he finally comes face-to-face with…Laris, Orla Brady (“ The Foreigner “, “Into the Badlands (TV)”). We also get a glimpse of Q, John de Lancie (“Manipulated”, “When the Train Stops (Short)”), who isn’t having everything his own way either.

A bit of a mish-mash episode of Star Trek: Picard, lots of dialogue and only a smattering of action, one of those episodes that’s necessary in order to move things along but probably won’t be many people’s favourites.

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