Star Trek: Picard — Episode 9, Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 1 Review

By Mark

The merry gang make their way through the time-tunnel to Soji’s world, getting there in record time and beating the Romulans to the mark, all that is except Narek, who follows them through.

Mid-way through the fight, the Borg cube also emerges from the tunnel, but before it is able to power up its weapons and take a shot, some giant orchid type flowers emerge from the planet and engulf all of the ships.

These flowers, whatever they are, remove all the power from the ships and bring them crashing to the planet. Luckily pretty much everyone survives, except some of the unfortunates onboard the Borg cube.

Picard and crew head over to the cube to see what’s what, though not before Picard tells everyone he has a brain abnormality, and it’s terminal.

At the cube they discover Elnor and Seven of Nine plus plenty of Borg. They are returning the ship to some sense of working ability, including the sensors which show over 200 Romulan battleships on their way to the planet.

The gang leave the cube and head to the main compound on the planet. There they find a plethora of synthetic life and Dr. Altan Inigo Soong played by Brent Spiner, the original Data.

Altan is who Data was originally based on and it is he who has been keeping Bruce Maddox’s work going all this time. There’s also Sutra, a Soji look-alike if Soji decided she was going to audition for a Vegas late-night hotspot.

Sutra, somehow given she’s synthetic, performs a Vulcan Mind Meld on Jurati to see the vision that Commodore Oh gave her all that time ago. This gives Sutra all kinds of ideas, none of which are good if you aren’t a synthetic.

Narek turns up again, captured by the synths, though, with the escape of Sutra, he escapes, which is all part of her masterplan.

That plan is to call upon a higher synthetic race that are ‘watching them’ and will come and help if they send the right message. All this was hidden in the Zhat Vash which Sutra believes is intended for synthetic life, not organic.

It’s all unfolding nicely for next week’s final episode of the series which appears to be one big space opera in which, no doubt, all of the gang will emerge unscathed or be the last ones standing.

The introduction of Sutra I could have done without. It feels lazy, cliched, it’s eye-roll inducing. Spiner is a nice touch and I’m glad they didn’t try and just make him Data again. We wait to see what next week brings.

Originally published at on March 19, 2020.



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