Star Trek: Picard — Episode 9, Hide And Seek Review

Darkly Blue

By Mark

Jean-Luc Picard, Patrick Stewart (“ Logan”, “Green Room”), and friends arrive at the chateau but Dr. Agnes Jurati The Queen, Alison Pill (“Them (TV)”, “ Devs (TV) “), is already on the ship.

Luckily, there’s still some of Jurati inside and she has locked the ship and activates the holographic defense system, which is Elnor, Evan Evagora (“Fantasy Island”, “Home and Away (TV)”), who is also the key to unlock the ship.

Cristóbal Rios’, Santiago Cabrera (“Big Little Lies (TV)”, “The Flight Attendant (TV)”), Dr. Teresa Ramirez, Sol Rodriguez (“Devious Maids (TV)”, “Grachi (TV)”), and her son Ricardo, Steve Gutierrez (“Snowfall (TV)”, “Blue Miracle”), manage to escape from the ship and meet up with Picard.

However, the gang get pinned down by some assimilated troops and Cris is shot. Picard orders Laris / not Laris, Orla Brady (“The Foreigner”, “Into the Badlands (TV)”), to beam him and his friends out of there, and then tells her not to let him back.

Jurati the Queen isn’t alone as Dr. Adam Soong, Brent Spiner (“Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (TV)”, “Independence Day: Resurgence”), is also here and he tries to talk Picard into surrendering, which obviously doesn’t happen.

Picard is having flashbacks to his youth and remembering bits of the chateau that will help them, but he’s also remembering his mother and father and the events that Laris / not Laris saw in his mind.

Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan (“ Devil’s Revenge “, “Bosch (TV)”), and Raffi Musiker, Michelle Hurd (“Blindspot (TV)”, “Hawaii Five-0 (TV)”), attempt to go round the bad-guys to get to the ship and meet up with holographic Elnor.

With his help, they manage to gain control of the ship and Seven beams the assimilated bad-guys off, leaving Elnor to fight Jurati the Queen. They have her pinned but, this being Star Trek, they don’t kill her and she manages to turn the tables.

Back at the chateau and Soong has Picard and Laris / not Laris pinned down. Just in the nick of time though, Cris manages to gain some control over the transporter system and beams back in time to save the day, kind of.

Back on the ship, Seven is in a bad way and Jurati the Queen is about to finish her off when Jurati manages to gain more control. She talks to The Borg Queen, Annie Wersching (“Bosch (TV)”, “Runaways (TV)”), and manages to convince her that there’s a better way forward for the Borg, one based on finding people who want to be saved, not enslaving them.

Jurati the Queen saves Seven, but it comes at a cost. Picard meanwhile finally remembers the final part of the flashbacks he’s been having and it’s a flashback he would rather not have had.

Despite this appearing to be the end of this season, it isn’t, as Soong managed to escape and they believe he will still try and stop the Europa mission. The gang must stop him.

This episode should have been good, heck, should have been great. Instead it looks like it was filmed on cameras that they’d forgotten to take off the blue film / covering that you sometimes get on electronic products. It’s all so dark, but with a blue hue, for some reason.

Also, as the action and tension begins to build and ramp up, it is interrupted by a flashback to Picard’s past which is like a release valve and any tension that was built, is gone.

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