Suspicion — Episode 2, Room For Doubt Review

CCTV Sees You

By Mark

Back at the Park Madison Hotel in New York and we see Natalie Thompson, Georgina Campbell (“ Black Mirror (TV) “, “Broadchurch (TV)”), and her sister Monique, Lydia West (“Years and Years (TV)”, “It’s a Sin (TV)”), meet a friend in the lobby.

Also wondering through the lobby is Aadesh Chopra, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory (TV)”, “Trolls World Tour”), and sat at the bar we see non other than Tara, Elizabeth Henstridge (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)”, “Wolves at the Door”).

It transpires, during the police interviews conducted by British cop Vanessa Okoye, Angel Coulby (“Innocent (TV)”, “Thunderbirds Are Go (TV)”), that they all had a genuine reason for being in that hotel, well, mostly.

Aadesh had a meeting with Cooper-Newman, the company owned by Katherine Newman, Uma Thurman (“Imposters (TV)”, “ Down a Dark Hall “), whose son it is that has gone missing, and they were holding a conference there, which was also why Tara was there, as she was speaking at the conference.

However, we also learn that Tara had protested about Katherine’s son, Leo Newman, Gerran Howell (“ 1917 “, “Catch-22 (TV)”), having been given a place at Oxford, she questioned if there was a link between a donation from Cooper-Newman and his place.

Sean Tilson, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion (TV)”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”), meanwhile has made it to his grandfathers, Ian McElhinney (“The Split (TV)”, “Krypton (TV)”), to pickup some weapons and money.

He heads to a boat where he meets Nicola, Karen Hassan (“The Fall (TV)”, “ High Rise “), and they head towards Northern England, then he steals a car and heads for London.

Back in the interviews and Nat and Monique went to plenty of bars and clubs but Nat left her sister and friends. She doesn’t remember getting back to the hotel and the police inform her there’s no CCTV of her return.

Monique finds Nat’s bag of cash and her phone that has texts from Sean on it asking for money and telling her she’s in big trouble. She grabs the bag and leaves the house as the police arrive to conduct a search, she stashes the bag.

Aadesh keeps answering, “no comment” until he stops, telling his lawyer that it is making him look guilty. The police ask why he lied on his CV (who doesn’t?) and bring up his criminal record which involved hacking as a youngster. He says he just wanted a break, his own company, to be a father.

US liaison Scott Anderson, Noah Emmerich (“The Truman Show”, “The Walking Dead (TV)”), isn’t happy with how the interviews are going and sits in. He’s under pressure from his boss back in USA Owen Nielsson, Ross McCall (“ Aftermath “, “Hex”), who tells him the name of the kid in the suitcase is about to be released.

All three of the suspects are set free, there’s no evidence as yet, however they are all being closely monitored by CCTV and, you’d expect, other means.

Back in the US and senator’s are holding a meeting, saying the UK Ambassador role has been put on hold for the moment, when they are interrupted by their TV’s being hacked and a video of Leo appears, bag over his head, and the word “tell the truth” appear over Katherine’s face.

More intrigue in this episode although, on the one hand, we see how the police have let three prime suspects go in order to track them with the plethora of CCTV cameras that cover the UK and, on the other hand, Sean manages to drive a stolen car from Merseyside to London without being seen.

Anyway, for drama purposes we’ll roll with it and see how things pan out. We do have to say how much Kunal Nayyar is impressing us though, so far he’s the stand out of Suspicion.

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