Suspicion — Episode 3, Strangers Review

There’s Been A Development

By Mark

The senate hack asking for Katherine Newman, Uma Thurman (“Imposters (TV)”, “ Down a Dark Hall “), to ‘tell the truth’ hits the news headlines but she doesn’t, preferring to keep quiet on the matter.

The FBI on the other hand go the other way and hold a press conference announcing, amongst other things, that they’re working with the UK police, much to Vanessa Okoye’s, Angel Coulby (“Innocent (TV)”, “Thunderbirds Are Go (TV)”), chagrin.

Natalie Thompson, Georgina Campbell (“ Black Mirror (TV) “, “Broadchurch (TV)”), arrives back home and immediately begins searching for the bag of cash and phone but Monique, Lydia West (“Years and Years (TV)”, “It’s a Sin (TV)”), is holding to ransom and won’t tell her where it is unless she hears the truth.

They meet at Brixton market and Nat, who helps companies pay less tax as her day job, tells her sister she’s been taking money from Cooper-Newman on the sly, but they found out and want double back. Most of the transactions have been online but the last few have been cash drops with the last one meant to be New York but the person didn’t show up.

Sean Tilson, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion (TV)”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”), is the man texting Nat’s old phone telling her he wants the money. She says she’s never seen the person, doesn’t know who it is that’s texting. The police watch the meeting between the two sisters and follow each of them when they split.

Aadesh Chopra, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory (TV)”, “Trolls World Tour”), goes back to working in the carpet shop of his wife’s family, but his notoriety is causing problems and they are forced to close the shop early. His extended family, including his wife, abandon him.

Tara, Elizabeth Henstridge (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)”, “Wolves at the Door”), is suspended from her university position as students are messaging about her and the university name is being brought into things.

Nat goes to work and manages to grab some time on a computer to, what looks like, make some payments to people. However, the police are watching and arrest her when she leaves. Nat however is worried about Monique and says she won’t talk until she knows she’s safe.

Monique has been replying to the texts from Sean and arranges to meet him at the South Bank telling him she’s got his money. Just before he can get her though the police grab her.

And then, a development, it turns out there was someone else in New York at the same time, someone who used his debit card in the area, hired a car, a student of Oxford University, Eddie Walker, Tom Rhys Harries (“White Lines (TV)”, “The Gentlemen”), he’s promptly arrested.

A fast paced episode of Suspicion which, and this won’t go unnoticed, leaves our three protagonists on their own, down in the dumps.

Once again it’s the excellent Kunal Nayyar who stands out as his whole family abandon him and he’s left pondering what he’s going to do next, where he’s going to go.

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