Suspicion — Episode 5, What Does A Kidnapper Look Like? Review

What’s The Link?

By Mark

Eddie Walker, Tom Rhys Harries (“White Lines (TV)”, “The Gentlemen”), has been shot, well, skimmed, by a bullet. He’s alive but injured as they all race to a remote cottage driven by Sean Tilson, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion (TV)”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”).

Tilson begins searching the place, seems to know where things would/are hidden and it transpires it’s the home of the man he killed in the previous episode, the one who’d been sent to kill him. He finds passports and money and a laptop.

Everyone begins asking questions, such as how Tilson knew where they were. He says he was following Natalie Thompson, Georgina Campbell (“ Black Mirror (TV) “, “Broadchurch (TV)”), as she knows something about all of this. He says he didn’t kidnap Leo, but wants to know why they’re all being framed for it.

Tilson questions them but their answers are the ones we’ve already heard, except that Tara, Elizabeth Henstridge (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)”, “Wolves at the Door”), questions why the largest PR company in the world would want to speak to Aadesh Chopra, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory (TV)”, “Trolls World Tour”), about cyber security?

Eddie collapses and Tilson patches him up whilst everyone else keeps watch, Aadesh finds a phone and then the next door neighbour arrives with his dog and a shotgun. Tara and Tilson convince him they are friends of the owner and the neighbour puts words in their mouth, saying who they are, that he’s read Tilson’s book.

Later Tara comes clean that she didn’t stop things with Leo, after the decision was made to let him in. She began a smear campaign online, pretending to be other people. But she was threatened, though didn’t take it seriously, until her daughter was taken, Tilson knows the rest of the story.

Next they get Aadesh to hack into the dead man’s computer, which he does with ease and then logs onto a hidden server and finds an email and video of Martin Copeland, Robert Glenister (“ Curfew (TV) “, “Close to the Enemy (TV)”).

It transpires that Aadesh had actually hacked into Cooper-Newman and then told them what he’d done, under the guise of ‘you should hire me, imagine what a bad-guy would have done’. He says he saw emails, videos but can’t remember who to but some where Copeland’s.

Tilson decides that he needs to go to New York and speak to Copeland, Nat says she’ll give him £100k if she can come with him, she wants answers to her sisters death and, when she went to work, she was transferring funds to an offshore account.

On the news Tara learns that the police are now looking for an Eric Creswell, another professor at the Uni, though she doesn’t know him. She then goes to Eddie and Aadesh to say they have to go with Tilson and Nat to New York, what else are they going to do?

That decision is taken away from them though when the neighbour, who has now found the book and realised who he spoke to wasn’t who he said, has phoned the police.

An episode that starts on the road, spends most of its time indoors and then heads back out on the road this time for Suspicion. There’s no glaringly obvious clichés like last time, thank god, though we’ll wait to see how the five them are going to get into America given they’re all wanted.

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