Suspicion — Episode 6, Be The Gray Man Review

Joke Shop Disguises

By Mark

Katherine Newman, Uma Thurman (“Imposters (TV)”, “ Down a Dark Hall”), and Martin Copeland, Robert Glenister (“ Curfew (TV) “, “Close to the Enemy (TV)”), talk in the hall where Newman’s son was taken. They talk about someone called “Creswell” and Copeland will only say he’s not who we thought he was, we don’t even know who he is.

Monique’s, Lydia West (“Years and Years (TV)”, “It’s a Sin (TV)”), body is finally found, best not to talk about how exactly and Sean Tilson, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion (TV)”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”), gives the rest of his group tips on how to hide in plain site whilst they complete some tasks for him.

Tilson and Eddie Walker, Tom Rhys Harries (“White Lines (TV)”, “The Gentlemen”), take a car into London whilst Aadesh Chopra, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory (TV)”, “Trolls World Tour”), and Natalie Thompson, Georgina Campbell (“ Black Mirror (TV) “, “Broadchurch (TV)”), pretend to be a couple and take the train.

Tara, Elizabeth Henstridge (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)”, “Wolves at the Door”), gets on the same train but pretends not to know them.

Once in London Tilson and Walker head to a boat yard so that Tilson can buy passports and a tracker, though the people he’s buying from don’t seem particularly happy to see him and it’s Walker, who suddenly speaks Iranian, who manages to save them from being shot.

The pair are waiting for Aadesh to grab the money Nat hid, clean it and put it in an account Tilson can access so he can buy the goods. But there’s a delay which is why Walker had to step in.

Next, they all try, some do, to contact their loved ones by various means and methods, as well as changing their appearances, mostly half-arsed. Not al the meet-ups go according to plan but no-one is caught.

Over the pond and Katherine meets Amy, Jennifer Ehle (“Saint Maud”, “ Zero Dark Thirty “), who wants to know about Creswell too, but Katherine isn’t saying anything and it’s an awkward meeting all round.

Our gang all head to separate airports to fly to New York and Aadesh is the first to be spotted, because, you know, he still looks exactly the same. But the police have a secret and it’s passed over to the Americans to make the choice about whether to let them in or not…

There are a lot of twists and turns in this episode of Suspicion, most of them arriving in the final minutes, as you’d expect from this sort of thing. However, I’m not thrilled that, with just a few episodes left, we have a new name, a person we’ve not even met yet, suddenly thrust into proceedings.

We will have to wait and see how they all pan out, at the moment it feels like this is all going to be pinned on someone we haven’t yet been introduced to, at least not properly.

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