Suspicion — Episode 7, Questions Of Trust Review

Tell The Truth

By Mark

Hoorah we finally get to meet Eric Creswell, Karl Johnson (“ The Death of Stalin “, “Mum (TV)”), sort of, as he’s running through the streets of Gloucestershire before coming across a policeman and telling him who he is and that someone is trying to kill him.

Prior to this, the police are still investigating who and where Creswell is and the only thing they’ve found are rumours about inappropriate relationships with students, but nothing proven.

After last times revelation that Eddie Walker, Tom Rhys Harries (“White Lines (TV)”, “ The Gentlemen “), isn’t and is instead an undercover police officer, we see him head to a coffee shop toilets to make a call to Vanessa Okoye, Angel Coulby (“Innocent (TV)”, “Thunderbirds Are Go (TV)”), back in the UK.

However, Walker is overhead by Aadesh Chopra, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory (TV)”, “Trolls World Tour”). Naturally he accuses him of being a copper but Walker says he was hired by Katherine Newman, Uma Thurman (“Imposters (TV)”, “ Down a Dark Hall “), to infiltrate them and find out who took her son. Aadesh isn’t convinced and manages to snatch Walker’s phone.

Sean Tilson, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion (TV)”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”), sticks the gang in a van, but not before finding the phone on Aadesh, and they drive to some docks. The police are tracking their movements via a tracker in Aadesh’s bag.

Meanwhile FBI man Owen Nielsson, Ross McCall (“ Aftermath”, “Hex”), talks to Katherine about Martin Copeland, Robert Glenister (“ Curfew (TV) “, “Close to the Enemy (TV)”). She appears to be in the dark and isn’t happy when he mentions that Copeland has links to some or all of the British suspects.

The gang have a discussion and come to the realisation that Tilson knows Copeland and shortly after that, they learn much, much more. But more pressing matters are at hand, there are men in the warehouse with them and they aren’t friendly. Once their dealt with they are surrounded by FBI.

Katherine decides to go against Copeland’s advice and do a live interview with a ‘pitbull’ Nancy Harper, Nancy Crane (“ Avenue 5 (TV) “, “The Current War”), which doesn’t go very well. Though we do learn more about Creswell and how the two are linked.

In other news, our gang have managed to evade most of the New York FBI tactical team and walk into the hotel, which is surrounded by police, take up residence in a room and then grab Copeland for a chat, which doesn’t end well.

If you don’t question things that much then I guess this episode can be believable, but I do question things and so it all feels remarkably like good fortune of the sort that if they all bought lottery tickets they’d probably all win the maximum prize, each, due to some computer mix-up.

For the penultimate episode it doesn’t really feel like we’ve moved on that much though now the police have Creswell perhaps, assuming he knows anything, things will begin to come together. Otherwise, it feels like no-one knows anything.

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