The Afterparty — Episode 3, Yasper Review

A Little Musical Episode

By Mark

Not what I was expecting I’ll be honest, though perhaps shouldn’t be that surprised, but for Yasper’s, Ben Schwartz (“Space Force (TV)”, “ Sonic the Hedgehog “), story, we’ve got a musical on our hands.

Before that though, Yasper knows about the camera in Xavier’s, Dave Franco (“ 6 Underground”, “ The Disaster Artist”), bedroom. He tells Aniq, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Within “), and they tell the police.

But Detective Culp, John Early (“Search Party (TV)”, “The Great North (TV)”), is having a hard time using the equipment, and then Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), presses a button and erases all the footage.

So, Aniq must continue to try and clear his name and decides he’s going to get everyone to write the word ‘diarrhoea’ so he can try and match their handwriting. Yasper volunteers to go next with Danner.

Walt, Jamie Demetriou (“Stath Lets Flats (TV)”, “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain”), is still popping up, asking some pertinent questions, but also still being that background guy.

He paints a very, interesting, story, one where he is the centre of everything, including a couple of musical numbers, music being his passion. His whole reason for being at the party was to get Xavier to bless his track, as well as helping Aniq with Zoe, Zoe Chao (“Love Life (TV)”, “Dirty Beautiful”).

When Yasper finally gets chance to speak to Xavier about the track his response is less than enthusiastic, “yeah sure, whatever”, but Yasper thinks it’s a hugely positive YES! He even sings a song about it.

Leaving to go to The Afterparty he finds Chelsea, Ilana Glazer (“Green Eggs and Ham (TV)”, “The Night Before”), drawing on his car and gives her a lift to Xavier’s. Yasper spends most of the time at the party waiting for Xavier to text him.

He does however, stop Aniq from downing more shots than he was going to and, when Aniq was already passed out, stops Ned, Kelvin Yu (“ Wonder Woman 1984 “, “Milk”), from drawing more on his face than the moustache he already has.

When the text finally comes through from Xavier, he makes his way to the studio and bumps into Chelsea who says she may just go home, but Yasper talks her round, whatever she was planning to do tonight, he says do it.

So she goes and grabs Xavier and takes him to his bedroom, leaving Yasper to head to the studio on his own. It was him who woke Aniq with the music on the screens, trying to get Xavier’s attention.

At the end Aniq notices that Jennifer number 2, Ayden Mayeri (“Marriage Story”, “Veep (TV)”), is missing and the police find Chelsea’s drinking flask on the rocks near Xavier’s body.

It’s a rather breathless episode of The Afterparty, mainly because of Yasper’s energy which is like he’s just drank a crate of Red Bull or something. We can forgive the video incident, though why it was even there in the first place is questionable.

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