The Afterparty — Episode 4, Chelsea Review


By Mark

Aniq, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Within “), manages to hide in one of the rooms whilst Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), interviews Chelsea, Ilana Glazer (“Green Eggs and Ham (TV)”, “The Night Before”).

Chelsea was the popular girl at school, but claims that Xavier, Dave Franco (“ 6 Underground”, “ The Disaster Artist “), ruined her life and it’s all got something to do with a St Patrick’s Day Party in their senior year.

Chelsea went to the party for revenge on Xavier for this mysterious incident. Whilst at the party she bumps into Brett, Ike Barinholtz (“ Bright”, “ Suicide Squad “), whilst he was spying on Zoe, Zoe Chao (“Love Life (TV)”, “Dirty Beautiful”).

It transpires that Brett had brought his pet into the vets that Chelsea works at, and they’d had an affair. This was why no-one wanted her at the reunion, or The Afterparty, and someone was sending her threatening texts about it.

Throughout the reunion Chelsea gets the feeling that someone is following her, but as with everything else going on she’s not sure if she’s just imagining it. Eventually she discovers it was Walt, Jamie Demetriou (“Stath Lets Flats (TV)”, “ The Electrical Life of Louis Wain “), who was trying to return her keys that she’d dropped.

We also learn why Aniq got f*cked up so quickly; when he took a swig from Chelsea’s flask, it contained cat tranquilisers, amongst other things, meant for Xavier. She is the one who stops Ned, Kelvin Yu (“ Wonder Woman 1984 “, “Milk”), from drawing more on Aniq’s face, and the one who wrote “I’m sorry” on his hand, not Zoe as Aniq had thought.

Eventually, after the chat with Yasper, Ben Schwartz (“Space Force (TV)”, “ Sonic the Hedgehog “), Chelsea gets Xavier alone in the bedroom but can’t go through with her plan. Instead she makes him say, and sing, that he’s an asshole and a douche, then leaves.

In the interview, Chelsea realises that the texts stopped when Xavier died, however she also made peace with Zoe too. Chelsea also lets slip that something happened to Aniq at the St Patrick’s Day party and Danner wants him in, but they can’t find him, as he’s in the next room.

There’s a lot to like about this episode, written by Bridger Winegar (“Single Parents (TV)”, “Black Monday (TV)”). It has some very subtle but funny moments. For instance, in the texts that Chelsea is receiving the sender sends “Your going…”, and then underneath sends “*you’re”.

There’s also a great performance from Dave Franco as the clueless Xavier as he keeps trying to drink the poisoned drink Chelsea gives him, even after she tells him what’s in it.

We’re getting closer to the end, who’s your money on? I’m still in two minds about Walt, he’s either a stooge or has a bigger part to play, upset no-one remembers him maybe? Looking for infamy?

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