The Afterparty — Episode 5, High School Review

Walt Doesn’t Even Get An Episode In His Name

By Mark

Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), receives a phone call from her Captain, she has just one hour before she must submit her report and the interviews, just one hour to solve the case.

Both Danner and Detective Culp, John Early (“Search Party (TV)”, “The Great North (TV)”), want to know about the St Patrick’s Day party so asks if someone, from the people gathered, will tell them the story. This allows Aniq, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Withi n”), to escape the room.

Finally, this is Walt’s, Jamie Demetriou (“Stath Lets Flats (TV)”, “ The Electrical Life of Louis Wain “), time. You see, it was his party, at his house. In fact, Walt has been in more stories but no-one remembers.

He was in the car with Aniq, Yasper, Ben Schwartz (“Space Force (TV)”, “ Sonic the Hedgehog”), and Chelsea, Ilana Glazer (“Green Eggs and Ham (TV)”, “The Night Before”). He poured Yasper and Xavier, Dave Franco ( “6 Underground”, “ The Disaster Artist “), a drink, even sang on the karaoke.

As Walt tells the story about the party, he is always in the background. He gets called the pool guy, some random stranger, no-one knows who he is. But we learn a lot.

We learn that it was Yasper who split the school band up after taking Aniq’s advice. This upsets Xavier, a lot, and at the party he pulls Aniq’s pants down and pushes him in the green swimming pool.

We also see that Brett, Ike Barinholtz (“ Bright”, “ Suicide Squad “), gets with Zoe, Zoe Chao (“Love Life (TV)”, “Dirty Beautiful”), by accident. Passing off a mix CD that Aniq had made, as his own.

And, we finally see why Chelsea was so angry at Xavier all this time, why this party started her spiral. She had recently split up with Ned, Kelvin Yu (“ Wonder Woman 1984 “, “Milk”), because they were going to different college’s.

At the party she then gets drunk with Xavier, he made a pass at her in a bedroom, she rebuffed him, but it doesn’t end there, in fact things get much, much worse for her.

When Xavier then points out, to Aniq, that Brett and Zoe are snogging each others face off, Aniq grabs a baseball bat and starts smashing up Xavier’s car. They have a very crap fight and the police arrive.

Everyone scatters, but the cops grab Xavier and Aniq. If Aniq is charged, he’ll lose his scholarship and it all falls down to Xavier, who can use his privilege, his father’s name, to get off, as to whether to press charges or not.

A great episode that fills in all those missing holes, many of which we didn’t know even existed. It’s amazing what someone in the background can see and hear that others don’t. There’s just two more to go, Zoe up next, and then judgement time, unless they spin this thing out.

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