The Afterparty — Episode 6, Zoe Review

Cartoon Time

By Mark

Zoe’s, Zoe Chao (“Love Life (TV)”, “Dirty Beautiful”), story is told in the form of a cartoon and from the many different Zoe’s she has inside of her, like Party Zoe, Angry Zoe, Mamma Bear Zoe etc.

This is weird, particularly when we see her swinging back and forth on her chair whilst telling the story to Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), who also asks if she needs to be worried about it.

Just before she really gets going on her story though, Aniq, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Within”), barges in. He has some excuse but he’s really sneaking his phone in and calling Yasper’s, Ben Schwartz (“Space Force (TV)”, “ Sonic the Hedgehog “), so they can listen in.

However, Yasper’s phone is dying and they need to find a charger so begin wondering the house, Detective Culp, John Early (“Search Party (TV)”, “The Great North (TV)”), following.

The pair stumble upon a panic room and get trapped in it briefly. Zoe continues with her story, most of it we know already and most is about how she wanted to unleash ‘Party Zoe’ to have some fun, finding the dumbest, hottest guy at the party, which would be Xavier, Dave Franco (“ 6 Underground”, “ The Disaster Artist “).

But when Xavier lies to get her to his bedroom and then tries to kiss her, she realises it’s all been a mistake, and then the incident with Brett, Ike Barinholtz (“ Bright”, “ Suicide Squad “), about her daughter, happens so she leaves the bedroom.

Detective Culp meanwhile knows that Aniq and Yasper are somehow listening in to Danner’s conversations, he just hasn’t figured out how. He tries to tell Danner but she keeps shutting him out, so he phones the Captain.

A couple of things we do learn from Zoe’s story is that it’s her that draws all over Aniq’s face and that it was Jennifer number two, Ayden Mayeri (“Marriage Story”, “Veep (TV)”), who was sending the threatening messages to Chelsea, Ilana Glazer (“Green Eggs and Ham (TV)”, “The Night Before”).

At the end, Detective Culp barges into the interview and tells Detective Danner he’s shutting her down. She laughs at him, he says he’s not kidding and she knows he’s phoned the Captain and told on her.

Just two episodes of The Afterparty left and we need to decide who did it because it seems like next up is Danner’s story. I don’t feel like Zoe’s story particularly helped much, a few I’s dotted and T’s crossed maybe.

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