The Afterparty — Episode 7, Danner Review

Follow The Clues

By Mark

Aniq, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Within”), lets Zoe, Zoe Chao (“Love Life (TV)”, “Dirty Beautiful”), know that he and Yasper, Ben Schwartz (“Space Force (TV)”, “ Sonic the Hedgehog “), have been listening in on the conversations with the police.

Weirdly, she doesn’t seem bothered by it and just wants to listen to what they’re saying now. She takes Yasper’s headphone and listens in, Yasper chirping up every now and then wanting to know what’s being said.

What they’re hearing is Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), as she tells her story to Detective Culp, John Early (“Search Party (TV)”, “The Great North (TV)”).

Danner is telling Culp the story of her and Aldrin Germain, Reid Scott (“Venom: Let There Be Carnage”, “Veep (TV)”), the detective who is on his way down to take over the case from them.

Danner and Germain went to the Police Academy together, though Germain was promoted quickly to detective. The two come across each other when Danner is investigating a stolen package off a porch. The victim uploads the video doorbell footage online which Danner uses.

A few days later and Vaughn’s, Fred Savage (“ Deadpool 2 “, “The Wonder Years (TV)”), wife is killed, seemingly by the same person, Germain is the detective in charge. Danner, to help, shows Germain the footage, and he’s impressed.

Danner goes one step further though and tracks down the woman from the video, Willow, Barbie Ferreira (“Euphoria (TV)”, “Unpregnant”), and arrests her. However, she then begins to doubt she is responsible for the murder as things don’t add up, Germain on the other hand, wants his 100% record.

Danner finds out the truth, but the police don’t want the truth. She tells Culp that unless they solve this murder, Germain will walk in and pin it on Aniq, regardless of the truth.

Aniq panics and Zoe attempts to calm him down, whilst Culp says Danner’s story doesn’t make sense, but what he asks about triggers something in Danner’s mind.

She leaps to her feet, she knows who the murderer is and she knows how they did it. Culp wants to know the answer, but Danner says there’s a few loose ends to tie-up before she can reveal it.

Back with Aniq and Zoe and their discussion is interrupted by the invisible Walt, Jamie Demetriou (“Stath Lets Flats (TV)”, “ The Electrical Life of Louis Wain “), and then Maggie, Everly Carganilla (“The Chair (TV)”, “Yes Day”), runs in.

An interesting episode, clues abound, have you picked them up? Do you know as much as Danner? Is it who you thought it was? All will be revealed when we head to the final episode of The Afterparty next time.

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