The Afterparty — Episode 8, Whodannert/Maggie Review

The Final Episode And Series Wrap-up

By Mark

Before we begin the usual, get-everyone-in-a-room-to-say-who-did-it routine, we let Maggie, Everly Carganilla (“The Chair (TV)”, “Yes Day”), tell her side of the evening.

She mostly confirms what everyone else has already said, well, mostly everyone, except it’s all done with a comedic, child-like way. We find out that she got out of the car because her dad, Brett, Ike Barinholtz (“ Bright”, “ Suicide Squad “), was taking soooo long.

Inside it was her that drew on Aniq’s, Sam Richardson (“The Tomorrow War”, “ Werewolves Within “), face and walked round in a blonde wig for a while and threw it over the balcony before Brett finds her in the cinema room and takes her back to the car.

She says that daddy asked about mummy and the man, Maggie is talking about Aniq, but Brett thinks she’s talking about Xavier, Dave Franco (“ 6 Underground”, “ The Disaster Artist “), and says, angrily, he’s got one final thing to do and marches off to the house.

She was rudely woken up when she heard screaming and remembers seeing Jennifer number 2, Ayden Mayeri (“Marriage Story”, “Veep (TV)”), in the hallway pee herself (her waters break) and leave.

So, this is it, Detective Danner, Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Trip”, “Night School”), brings everyone into the main room and begins, one-by-one, discounting them whilst Detective Culp, John Early (“Search Party (TV)”, “The Great North (TV)”), gives her the hurry-up before the other detective arrives.

Obviously, we’re not going to talk about who did what and who is given the all-clear and who is put in the spotlight, we’ll let you see that for yourselves. We will say that it’s done well and still retains the comedy that has been prevalent throughout.

And so, we reach the end of The Afterparty and we have to say it’s been good overall. I’m sure there will be people who guess the killer early on, this isn’t an episode of Inspector Montalbano after all and some may find the laughs a touch too slapstick or obvious.

However, what The Afterparty does have going for it is the cast. Richardson, as Aniq, is brilliant and I’m more and more impressed when I see him on screen. He has great charisma and a very endearing personality.

Haddish is funny whilst trying to maintain some sort of chaos in this box of frogs she finds herself in and your never quite sure if she does know what she’s doing or not, even to the end. Demetriou, Walt, has to have a mention as well, he fits into the roll of the unseen, trying to be noticed, so well it’s almost scary. He has a very deadpan, awkwardness about him that works and isn’t so much that you feel cringe.

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