The Baby, Episode 2 — The Seduction Review

What’s Going On?

By Mark

We are in a cookie shop, somewhere in the UK. Lydia, Sophie Reid (“ Beauty and the Beast”, “Barracuda”), and Fooze, Divian Ladwa (“ The Personal History of David Copperfield “, “Ant-Man and the Wasp”), are just locking up when a customer arrives, with a baby.

She convinces Lydia to serve her a cookie and coffee, Fooze makes his escape with his trusty dog. The woman is acting strange, not wanting to be alone, but Lydia needs to clean up prior to leaving. She leaves the woman with the baby and heads to the back of the shop.

When she comes back out, the woman is dead, choked on some cookie, whilst Lydia puts on a yellow raincoat, the same yellow raincoat we saw in the first episode …the same baby.

Back with Nat, Michelle de Swarte (“The Duchess (TV)”), and Rita, Isy Suttie (“Man Down (TV)”, “Peep Show (TV)”), comes round, at the behest of Nat. She shows her the baby, Rita does not seem disturbed nor surprised by it.

She offers to take the baby for a walk, give Nat some time, have a shower, something to eat. Nat doesn’t think that’s such a good idea and when Rita begins walking round with the baby Nat starts to freak and kicks her out.

Nat tries calling Mags, Shvorne Marks (“Breeders (TV)”, “SAS: Red Notice”), asking her to confirm that she doesn’t have a baby. Mags doesn’t confirm nor deny, but offers to meet her in the park if she wants to put him down for a bit first.

Nat freaks out. She jumps in the car and finds the cafe Lydia worked at. She wants to speak to Lydia’s family, friends? Fooze says there aren’t any. Then Nat spots the CCTV in the cafe and asks Fooze if she can see it.

They see the woman come into the cafe with the baby, her choking and Lydia approach. Fooze won’t commit as to whether the baby Nat has is the same as the one in the CCTV but Nat knows it to be the case, she’s sure.

Back at home, after an unsightly accident outside the cafe, Nat and the baby’s dinner is interrupted by the door, but there’s no-one there. Just a brown envelope with a USB stick inside.

When Nat checks it out, it contains a few photos, all of them feature a woman, with the baby, her baby. But, as if that wasn’t weird in of itself, the photos appear to be through time, starting with a black and white, a woman in seventies clothes, the woman from the cafe, Lydia, even Nat!

Nat’s seen and had enough. She grabs the baby, heads for the door and shoots off to the nearest field, determined to, quite literally, leave the baby behind her. But things don’t always go the way we plan.

Not as much comedy, dark or otherwise, in episode two of The Baby, Ladwa’s character bringing some light-relief until the gruesome moment that comes screeching to a halt. Let’s hope the rest of the season follows episode one and not this one.

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