The Baby, Episode 3 — The Bulldozer Review

Meet The Family

By Mark

Mrs. Eaves, Amira Ghazalla (“ Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi”, “ Carnival Row (TV ) “), surprises Nat, Michelle de Swarte (“The Duchess (TV)”), in the back of her car after Nat can’t go through with abandoning the baby.

They are now in Nat’s apartment. Mrs. Eaves says she is here to help Nat, Nat doesn’t know what she means, help with what?

Nat thinks Mrs. Eaves is crazy, tells her to leave. Mrs. Eaves shrugs, asks for her USB stick back, says it will be useful for ‘the next one’. Nat asks what she needs to do, it’s just get the baby to sleep, that’s all.

Nat does everything she can think, and some things Mrs. Eaves suggests, to get the baby to sleep but nothing is working. Then she remembers Mags, Shvorne Marks (“Breeders (TV)”, “SAS: Red Notice”), had a toy to get her baby to sleep, she calls her.

Mags is at a party with other mothers at ‘Universe of Fun’, which is as awful as it sounds, particularly if you don’t have children. Mags gives Nat the teddy she uses but says it must not leave the room. It works, almost instantly, but the ‘Universe of Fun’ is an ironic name with sirens intermittently going off announcing the next ‘fun’.

One of the other mothers from the group asks Nat to leave but winds up having a bloody accident involving the pram Mrs. Eaves provided. Then Nat receives an urgent text from her sister, who she hasn’t seen for three years.

When Nat arrives at her sister Bobbi’s, Amber Grappy (“Wrecked (TV)”), who lives with her partner Sam, Genesis Lynea (“A Discovery of Witches (TV)”, “Silent Witness (TV)”), she is with a social worker, about an adoption.

Sam is late to the meeting but the social worker insists on talking to Nat, much to Bobbi’s chagrin. It transpires that they haven’t spoken because Bobbi dropped out of university after Nat and her father had busted a gut to pay for her to go.

There’s a bunch of awkward moments before Bobbi panics, performs a routine she’s been practising with her partner Sam, but on her own, and a surprise from earlier emerges on the carpet.

When things calm down Bobbi has managed to instantly get the baby to sleep, Nat and Mrs. Eaves leg it back to Nat’s apartment. However, Nat can’t go through with it, but Mrs. Eaves can, the pair fight, interrupted only when Bobbi arrives to return something Nat left, then they continue their fight.

A great episode of The Baby, full of the dark humour we saw in episode one and some horror moments for those of you who may not be enamoured with those small, young humans who scream a lot, as well as some twisted gore to-boot.

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