The Baby, Episode 4 — The Mother Review

Cookie Dough, Dynamo

By Mark

Bobbi, Amber Grappy (“Wrecked (TV)”), has taken the baby. Why? We don’t know. What we do know is that she’s in a cafe, with the baby, and has just ordered a cookie. Queue ominous music.

Nat, Michelle de Swarte (“The Duchess (TV)”), is frantically trying to get hold of her but Bobbi isn’t answering her phone. Nat has an argument with Bobbi’s partner Sam before, finally, Bobbi messages to say she’s taking the baby to ‘mums’.

Nat and Mrs. Eaves, Amira Ghazalla (“ Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi”, “ Carnival Row (TV ) “), race to ‘Jupiter House’, a sort of commune where her mum, Barbera, Sinéad Cusack (“Wrath of the Titans”, “Jekyll and Hyde (TV)”), lives, where Bobbi grew up after dropping out of Uni. But Nat hasn’t spoken to her mum for some 15-years.

Nat arrives just as Bobbi is choking on a cookie, luckily she gets it back up. As Nat and Mrs. Eaves try to leave, the car dies and Barbera appears. Says someone will look at it, but it may take a while, they should come inside.

Nat wants the truth from Mrs. Eaves. Who is she? Why does she want to kill the baby? What’s it to her? But Mrs. Eaves won’t tell, but we see she’s seeing things, hearing things.

There’s lots going on at Jupiter House and most, if not all, is not to Nat’s liking. She is irritable; she hasn’t slept, the baby won’t stop crying, she doesn’t know what he wants, he probably doesn’t either.

Eventually, in the evening as the Summer Solstice feast gets underway at Jupiter House and the happy campers dance around a bonfire, Nat manages to sleep, the baby at the foot of the bed in a cot, awake, until Bobbi comes in and instantly gets him to sleep.

This gives Mrs. Eaves who, up until now has been creeping about the place, asking the occasional question, but mostly creeping around, this gives her all the chance she needs and she creeps into Nat’s room, one intention on her mind.

It appears as though we are getting one darkly comic episode followed by one that takes all it’s time to deal with the actual reasoning behind the story, the ‘why’ behind the baby if you like.

I’m not totally sold on this approach, feels like both could have been spread about so we had bits of them across the season, but it is what it is so we’ll have to deal with it, or you can turn over if it’s not to your liking.

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