The Baby, Episode 7 — The Curse Review

The End, But Not The End

By Mark

I’m really not sure why this episode isn’t the final one, given how it ends, but it isn’t, there’s another one to go so, we’ll see how that goes I guess.

In this one Mrs. Eaves, Amira Ghazalla (“ Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi”, “ Carnival Row (TV ) “), and Nat, Michelle de Swarte (“The Duchess (TV)”), arrive back at Nat’s and immediately Mrs. Eaves wants to go and find Jack.

She now believes that the baby is the way he is because of the curse she put on Jack all those years ago, when she collared him for kidnapping Helen. However, she collapses on the floor so Nat sticks her in the bath, says they’ll go in the morning.

Nat looks up some ways to stop curses, one of which is burning both parties involved, but she doesn’t like that one for obvious reasons.

However, she does manage to find Jack, president of some club or other, but now in hospital, dying of a lung disease, which she says is great for them!

Mrs. Eaves seems happy with that, however, when Nat is asleep she grabs a blowtorch and the baby and heads to the hospital herself, determined to put an end to the curse once and for all.

Meanwhile, back in her stupor, Nat has a dream, or vision, in which a young Mrs. Eaves, Nour, comes to her and tells her a story. When Nat wakes she realises something, something terrible has happened, something worse is about to happen, she races to the hospital.

Given the ending of this episode this could, quite easily, have been the ending of the season. However, for reasons we’ll discover when we watch the final one, they’ve elected to carry on. Who knows what delights, or otherwise, we are in for but no doubt it will be a segway into season two in some form.

As for this episode, it’s ok, the darkly comedic moments seem to have all but left us which is a shame as that was a great USP for The Baby, perhaps that’s what we’ll get in the finale…

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