The Baby, Episode 8 — The Possession Review

The Second Ending

By Mark

Well, after episode seven’s ending-that-wasn’t-actually-an-ending, we are here with episode eight, which is actually the ending, of this season at least.

Nat, Michelle de Swarte (“The Duchess (TV)”), is happily strolling through the park with baby, not a care in the world, being all cootchie-coo and what-not.

She arrives at the hospital for a routine baby checkup but things immediately begin to go ary when the nurse says Nat can leave for five, have a brew. Nat won’t leave the baby, says the baby doesn’t like being on his own. Despite the warnings the nurse doesn’t listen, it doesn’t end well for her.

After walking out on her partner Sam, Genesis Lynea (“A Discovery of Witches (TV)”, “Silent Witness (TV)”), Bobbi, Amber Grappy (“Wrecked (TV)”), meets her to give her her final possessions. She says she’s stuck, doesn’t know where to begin, Sam tells her to see Nat, she obviously has issues.

Nat finds Mrs. Eaves, Amira Ghazalla (“ Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi”, “ Carnival Row (TV ) “), sleeping in her car outside Nat’s apartment. Nat isn’t home, so Bobbi breaks in. She finds the apartment chock full of baby everything, floor to ceiling.

Bobbi tries to speak to Mrs. Eaves about what’s happening, what’s going on but Eaves is in no mood to talk, she says Nat already tried to tell her but she didn’t listen.

When Nat finally gets home and finally manages to get the baby to sleep her father, Patrice Naiambana (“ Spectre “, “SeaView”), bursts into her apartment, ready to cook a roast and listen to the test-match with his daughter.

Inevitably this wakes the baby. Later, Bobbi arrives once more. She has a bag full of baby stuff for Nat and, cryptically because the baby is present, tries to tell her she knows what’s going on, she can help, wants to help, will help.

For a moment Nat wavers, but then says she’s fine, it’s all fine, don’t worry. But Bobbi isn’t convinced and figures out a way to snoop around, finding her father. When she comes back Nat says she can’t control him, run!

Next to enter is Mrs. Eaves, she fails to save the day too. Nat escapes, with baby, Mrs. Eaves and Bobbi give chase and they all wind up on a cliff-side, a familiar location for The Baby.

So, our final episode of this season of The Baby. For me it could have ended with episode seven although I get why they decided to continue, wrap a few things up, but it does make the actual ending a little…meh and predictable to boot.

Whilst The Baby started brilliantly and had moments throughout that were fun and enjoyable, there wasn’t enough all the time. The Baby seemed to swing from darkly comic to deadly serious to something else entirely, regularly and not always with great success.

This shift in tone left me missing the fun, dark, comedy moments there were, particularly from episode one, and wishing there were more of them throughout the season. It was really The Baby’s USP. That aside it is well directed, fun and well acted.

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