The Jungle Of Accounting Review

By Laurie Delaire

We’ve all heard outlandish work stories, the kind that almost feel fabricated until we experience one of our own and realize that the world really can be this absurd. Chase Pearson, writer-director of Cash Only, centers his new short film The Jungle of Accounting around these exact kind of stories.

Through the mockumentary prism, Charles and Maryanne Bailey, played by Ray Bergen (“Plant”, “Deadly Devotion”) and Kathy McCort (“The House on Misty Lane: Chapter One”, “Lemonade Stand”), tell the story of their small accounting firm in Manhattan and the fair share of quirky assistants they had to go through in their decades-old career.

Thanks to its witty writing and efficient fast-paced editing, The Jungle of Accounting offers four different stories in one 11-minute package without feeling messy at all. The mockumentary format allows re-enactement of what the Baileys are telling, grainy picture and 80s attire included. In these re-enactments, the Baileys are played by Timothy J. Cox (“Miss Freelance”, “ Dirty Books “) and Colleen Sproull (“Arrange to Settle”, “P’s in a Pod”). The assistants are also wonderfully played by Erin Patrick Miller (“Shakespeare’s Sh*tstorm”, “Cash Only”), Kate McGarrigle (“A Ring for Christmas”, “Odd Man Rush”), Coco Conroy (“Gutboy: A Badtime Story”, “The Letter”) and Maryann Lonergan.

Each of them is compelling to watch, and each story is just crazy enough to still be believable, which is part of why the comedy works so well. All of it is narrated by the voice of Mike Drew, who gives the mockumentary a satirically somber tone, almost comparing these workplace anecdotes to true crime stories.

The Jungle of Accounting is a really fun time that goes by quickly without ever feeling rushed — the way you wish every workplace anecdote would be.

Originally published at on August 31, 2020.



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