The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey — Episode 3, Sensia Review

‘O’ Marks The Spot

By Mark

Ptolemy Grey, Samuel L. Jackson (“ The Banker”, “ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “), is having a three-day dream as his body attempts to come to terms with the ‘remembering shot’ he’s had.

Ptolemy is dreaming about his ‘uncle’ Coydog, Damon Gupton (“Black Lightning (TV)”, “ La La Land “), who comes to grab him whilst he’s sleeping. Ptolemy tells him it’s ok, he now remembers the past, rather than the past remembering him. But when Coydog asks what task he’d set him, he still can’t remember.

Coydog tells the story, how he stole some treasure from Clive Miller, a slave owner, something called the Black Heart, and hid it down a well. Coydog tells the young Ptolemy this right before he is caught and lynched by Miller and his friends.

When Ptolemy wakes Robyn / Bird, Dominique Fishback (“Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Project Power”), is standing over him, scared out of her mind. He’s been talking in his sleep, a fever spiking throughout. He doesn’t remember and feels great, he dresses in a sharp suit and even has a shave.

The pair head back to see Dr. Rubin, Walton Goggins (“ Tomb Raider “, “The Unicorn (TV)”), who says the fevers will return, mainly at night, but his memories won’t fully until he has the second shot. Robyn isn’t convinced and wants to leave now, but Rubin warns against that, it could lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms.

However, pressing ahead with the treatment will only give Ptolemy his memories back for four, maybe up to seven weeks and afterwards he may be in a worse state than before he had them. But it’s hard for them to know exactly, no two patients have the same reaction and no-one as strong as Ptolemy has ever had the treatment.

Robyn storms out and goes to the waiting area. Ptolemy begins reading the contract for the second shot, calling Dr. Rubin ‘Satan’. He says he’ll only sign the contract, which gives Satan his body on his death, when he gets his memories back, Satan says that’s now how it works but Ptolemy doesn’t give him a choice.

Robyn and Billy, Martin Bats Bradford (“Panic (TV)”, “Synchronic”), head to Niecie’s, Marsha Stephanie Blake (“ An American Pickle “, “How to Get Away with Murder (TV)”), for the rest of her stuff. They bump into Hilliard (Hilli), DeRon Horton (“Dear White People (TV)”, “American Horror Story (TV)”), on the way out who isn’t happy to see them.

Later, Hilli tells Niecie that Robyn has moved in with Ptolemy, not just gone to help like she asked. He begins convincing her that Robyn is after Ptolemy’s money, the cheques he gets, as well as the ‘box of money’ the crazy woman talks about. He says she should put him in a home.

Ptolemy is now remembering everything from his past, he is writing huge lists of name he has remembered from his time growing up, but he still can’t remember what he’s done with Coydog’s treasure.

However, when he remembers how he met his deceased wife, Sensia, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (“Bosch (TV)”, “Coyote (TV)”), in 1976 he also remembers the crazy ex-boyfriend who tried to kill him.

He wakes in the middle of the night, waking Robyn as they begin pulling the carpet up and hacking at the floorboards, digging for treasure.

It’s a slow burn of an episode this time round mainly focussing on this treasure which, as things stand, I’m not entirely sure where it fits in to the murder that Grey is saying he wants to solve. I’m guessing there will be a link, or it will help somehow, it’s just not that clear at the moment.

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