The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey — Episode 4, Coydog Review

Brain On Fire

By Mark

We pick up episode four where we left three, with Ptolemy Grey, Samuel L. Jackson (“ The Banker”, “ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “), and Robyn / Bird, Dominique Fishback (“Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Project Power”), lifting floorboards in his flat.

They bring up the box of treasure and Robyn is less than impressed by some manky looking coins. Though once she’s shined them up and later hears their value is around $50,000 each, she’s a bit more keen on them. Ptolemy tells her they’re called doubloons, and he used to have 14 of them, now there’s only two.

He spent the rest on nice things for Sensia, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (“Bosch (TV)”, “Coyote (TV)”), including her cancer treatment when she got sick.

When he goes back to bed we see the young Ptolemy witness Coydog, Damon Gupton (“Black Lightning (TV)”, “ La La Land “), lynching. Not content with stringing a man up by his neck, they also soak his feet and the barrel he’s standing on in kerosene.

As Ptolemy tries to help, but he’s only young and can’t manage to pick up the lump hammer he finds, the men light the kerosene. Coydog sees Ptolemy watching and kicks the kerosene onto the men, setting them on fire, but also kicking his barrel over.

Ptolemy isn’t happy with Robyn’s sleeping arrangements and wants to give her some money to buy a sofa-bed and some nice clothes. He gets his old crocodile skin case down and opens it. It’s filled with money, about $40–50,000.

She won’t accept his money and instead takes him to the bank. They open accounts for various members of his family with Robyn as signatory. When he tells Niecie, Marsha Stephanie Blake (“ An American Pickle “, “How to Get Away with Murder (TV)”), later, she’s less than impressed.

Ptolemy also manages to remember what Reggie, Omar Benson Miller (“The Unicorn (TV)”, “Ballers (TV)”), told him when he zoned out all that time ago.

He remembers that Reggie told him that his partner had an ex who had recently got out of jail and they were talking. He said he’d ask her to stop but they didn’t, things carried on and he got nervous. He said he was going to take his family to Texas, get away from this man, scared of what he might do.

He goes to see Dr. Rubin, Walton Goggins (“ Tomb Raider “, “The Unicorn (TV)”), to sign the paperwork now he’s got his memories back. He asks how long he has but Rubin doesn’t know. He says his brain is on fire, it’s taken to the drug like nothing they’ve seen, but it won’t last, it will leave a scorched Earth.

Back home and there’s a surprise knock on the door and two cops and a man from the city, Darwin, come in. Darwin is responsible for checking in on elderly residents, particularly those where complaints have been made. He asks some questions, Ptolemy asks them back, which doesn’t please the man.

Ptolemy takes the opportunity to ask the cops about Reggie’s death. They say they don’t know anything, detectives dealing with it, they’d only know if someone needed to be brought in, they say no-one has been as yet.

Ptolemy goes to visit Reggie’s old friend Billy, Martin Bats Bradford (“The Outsider (TV)”, “Synchronic”), to see what he knows. But he doesn’t know much more than Ptolemy.

Given we’re just two episodes away from the end of The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey it doesn’t feel like we have even begun the search for Reggie’s killer. This isn’t so much a who-dunnit as a will-they-ever-get-to-it.

Episode four was written by Walter Mosley and directed by Guillermo Navarro (“Godfather of Harlem (TV)”, “Hannibal (TV)”).

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