The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey — Episode 6, Ptolemy Review

Final Episode And Season Review

By Mark

Ms Wring, Denise Burse (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (TV)”, “New Amsterdam (TV)”), the woman who Ptolemy Grey, Samuel L. Jackson (“ The Banker”, “ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “), leant money to in the bank all that time back, invites him out to tea.

He says yes, before she’s even asked, however he has to postpone until tomorrow as he has Alfred, Enoch King (“Uncle Drew”, “Masterful (Short)”), coming round and isn’t sure what the end is going to be.

He hires a driver, Hernandez, J. Anthony Pena (“Big Sky (TV)”, “ Nation’s Fire “), and goes to an art gallery and to a river, he’s treating the day like it is his last. When he gets back home he asks Hernandez a favour, when he sees Albert come into his apartment, wait five minutes, then honk the horn like the world is ending. Hernandez is only too happy to help.

Despite Ptolemy’s memory beginning to fade, he’s having more episodes and moments of not being sure, when he gets in his flat he starts to set up the trap for Albert, as we saw at the start of the season, the drink, the coins, the message to Robyn, the gun.

When the bang on the door arrives Ptolemy takes the tape recorder and hides it on top of the bookshelf and tells Albert to come in. They chat, Ptolemy offers him the two gold coins and two more every month, all he has to do is say that he murdered Reggie, tell the truth.

He’s not sure at first but the money gets the better of him and he comes out with it but Ptolemy is having a moment, when Hernandez beeps the horn he’s surprised and Alfred pulls a knife, they fight.

Ptolemy eventually manages to pull the gun, but at first it doesn’t fire, it’s old, then it does, one shot. Alfred staggers back and then runs out of the flat, Ptolemy follows and all his past friends are in the hallway, some saying do it, others say don’t.

He follows him into the street, the police sirens can be heard, Albert staggers around a bit but eventually falls down as the police arrive and arrest Ptolemy.

Fast forward six months and he wakes on a bed, his wrists strapped down, it looks like a psychiatric hospital. He has visions, Coydog, Damon Gupton (“Black Lightning (TV)”, “ La La Land”), Robyn / Bird, Dominique Fishback (“Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Project Power”), Dr. Rubin, Walton Goggins (“ Tomb Raider “, “The Unicorn (TV)”), and Reggie, Omar Benson Miller (“The Unicorn (TV)”, “Ballers (TV)”).

He’s back to how he was, at least that bad. Robyn meanwhile sits opposite Niecie, Marsha Stephanie Blake (“ An American Pickle “, “How to Get Away with Murder (TV)”), Hilliard (Hilli), DeRon Horton (“Dear White People (TV)”, “American Horror Story (TV)”), Nina, Charity Jordan (“Z: The Beginning of Everything (TV)”, “Selma”), and their lawyer.

With Robyn is Ptolemy’s lawyer Moishe Abromovitz, Maury Ginsberg (“Manifest (TV)”, “Sucked In”), and a woman who has a recording of Ptolemy, answering questions to ensure he’s of sound mind.

Everyone is, as Ptolemy expected, arguing over his Will and the fact that he’s put Robyn in charge. Robyn, for her part, doesn’t care, she expects the judge to side with the family, who have also stopped her from seeing Ptolemy in hospital too. The decision arrives…

The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey wasn’t quite what I was expecting, which does seem to be a bit of a theme with Apple TV series recently. I was expecting, as I was told it was, a who-dunnit, Ptolemy would get his memory back and track down the killer of his great nephew.

I mean, he does this, but it’s done in two episodes of a six episode series. It’s not that the series is bad, far from it, the performances in particular are fantastic; Jackson, Fishback, Miller, Goggins, they are all wonderful together.

However, at times, I felt a bit lost as to what I was watching; why, or how, does this scene help him find Reggie’s killer? In truth, a lot of it doesn’t, The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey is about so much more than that, and here I’m going to cheat, I’m going to let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

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