The Shrink Next Door — Episode 3, The Treatment Review

This Is Only The Beginning

By Mark

Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz, Will Ferrell (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ The LEGO Movie 2 “), is dancing around his office, painting it bright blue, when his sister Phyllis Shapiro, Kathryn Hahn (“WandaVision (TV)”, “Transparent (TV)”), comes in and there’s an awkward conversation.

She asks about his Bar Mitzvah, says she wishes she could have seen it. But then, she breaks down, says her ex-husband has hired some hot-shot lawyer and she needs money to defend herself, she asks Marty for help, and he says yes.

In his next session with Dr. Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, Paul Rudd (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ Avengers: Endgame “), Marty tells him about the conversation with his sister. He mentions he’s the executor of the Will, he holds the keys to the money.

Ike continues driving a wedge between them, still subtle, telling Marty to be careful, did she come to see him for the money? Because she was sorry? He’s putting doubts in Marty’s mind.

Ike sets Marty up with some potential work on the Jesus Christ Superstar play. Marty has doubts, and can’t rally his team to make it work so he asks Ike to come and give them a pep-talk, which will turn into a full consultancy role.

Phyllis decides to face the issues with Ike head on and goes to see him. She tells him he’s overstepping boundaries, which he throws back in her face. He then manages to start bringing her round, gets her to open up, until he mentions the failed businesses she’s had, which she hadn’t said anything about.

Ike steps up the driving of the wedge between the siblings, telling Marty about his encounter with Phyllis, saying he can’t work like this, he needs to stop seeing Marty. But Marty isn’t happy with this and instead turns against his sister.

She retaliates, stealing some jewellery Marty kept in a safe in his apartment. Marty, returning from the opening night of the play, calls Ike in a panic and says he’s worried that she may go after the additional bank accounts, or the home in the Hamptons.

Ike’s eyes widen, particularly when he hears about the bank accounts, the house, the jewellery worth half-a-million or so. He accompanies Marty to the house, in awe, and his plan begins to take shape.

This is a great episode of The Shrink Next Door, you can see what Ike is doing, driving a wedge between Marty and Phyllis and, in part, you can see how Marty might be taken in by some of it.

Rudd, Ferrell and Hahn continue to excel in their roles, they all look like they’re having fun, in the sense of, they’re enjoying the roles, I mean, generally Ferrell looks miserable because his character is miserable most of the time.

Ethan Kuperberg (“Transparent (TV)”, “The Dining (Short)”) writes this episode with Michael Showalter (“The Lovebirds”, “Grace and Frankie (TV)”) behind the camera once more.

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