The Shrink Next Door — Episode 6, The Party Review


Oh My God!

By Mark

Dr. Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, Paul Rudd (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ Avengers: Endgame”), is throwing a party at Marty’s Hamptons house, though Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz, Will Ferrell (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ The LEGO Movie 2 “), won’t know anyone.

Ike has even hired a coach to take people and bring them back. When the coach arrives, Ike’s name is on the post box outside the house.

The party is a hit, at least for Ike and his friends, but Marty just winds up cooking all the time and then having to clean up afterwards. He doesn’t want another party but, naturally, Ike does and convinces Marty.

Ike buys Marty a Koi, which is because he wants a Koi pond at the house, which, naturally, Marty has to build. At another party, Marty runs into one of the guests and awkwardly explains that this is his home, all the while Bonnie, Casey Wilson (“Black Monday (TV)”, “American Dad! (TV)”), is listening in from the kitchen.

At the next session Ike asks why Marty mentioned that it was his house to one of the guests. He makes him feel bad about it, tells him not to do it again.

Fast forward to 2007 and there’s yet another party but this one isn’t going so well, people have had enough. Ike finds Marty, makes him chug some beers and convinces him to push Miriam, Sarayu Blue (“Under the Bridge (TV)”, “Happiest Season”), into the pool.

This does not go down well with anyone. Marty chases after Miriam, whom he likes, and she says she knows it’s not his fault, it’s Ike’s, she knows he put him up to it. She also reveals that Ike convinced her to stop talking to her mother, who then passed, and she never got to stay goodbye.

In Marty’s hut, at the bottom of the garden, Miriam tries to talk to Marty but he’s convinced that Ike is good for him. Though he begins to question things when he’s sent on an errand, by Ike, and bumps into a neighbour who asks him about things he didn’t even know where happening with his own family.

Just as you think there’s a breakthrough, Ike asks Marty for a favour, and he agrees. He gets the coach with the rest of the party guests and, part way home, it breaks down. Marty asks Miriam to take a walk with him, “I owe you an apology”.

They walk to a gas station and Miriam goes to use the restroom. When she comes out, Marty is nowhere to be seen and the payphone rings. She answers and it’s Ike, he tells her he can’t be her therapist anymore, we see Marty running back to the coach.

This is cringe levels of unbelievable. The first episodes you have some sympathy for Marty, you can maybe see how a vulnerable mind would be taken in by Ike but this, this is hard to fathom.

Georgia Pritchett (“Succession (TV)”, “Avenue 5 (TV)”) and Sas Goldberg (“Sas & Jake (TV Movie)”, “The Sonogram (Short)”) write this episode with Jesse Peretz behind the camera.

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