The Shrink Next Door — Episode 7, The Breakthrough Review

Taking Back Control

By Mark

It’s now 2010 and Dr. Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, Paul Rudd (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ Avengers: Endgame”), is still dictating his book to Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz, Will Ferrell (“Between Two Ferns: The Movie”, “ The LEGO Movie 2 “), at Marty’s Hampton house.

Back in the office and Marty isn’t feeling that good. Bruce, Cornell Womack (“Better Call Saul (TV)”, “Criminal Minds (TV)”), one of his employees raise that, within six months, the company will go under because of the rents on the building and profits are down.

There is a solution though, a larger warehouse, half the price, but it’s in New Jersey. Ike gives a definitive no, we’re not moving to New Jersey and belittles the staff, all in front of Marty who remains mute.

Marty is eventually told to go to the doctors to find he has a hernia and will need surgery. Marty is worried, because he’s Marty, though everyone says it’s just a routine operation.

When he wakes, no-one comes to visit, only Ike really knows he’s there. After four days Marty checks himself out and drives to the home in the Hamptons, still in his operating gown, to have it out with Ike.

But Ike, as usual, manages to turn it around and convince him he did everything for him at the hospital. Marty goes back to looking like the hired help at his own home, and then discovers that his prize Koi has died.

Marty loses it, trashes his own garden and buries his Koi, along with a giant fake cow that Ike had purchased. At the next session, Marty doesn’t show.

Ike heads to the warehouse, but there’s nothing there, it’s empty. Ike is furious, he calls the number but they won’t put him through to Marty, so he jumps in a cab and it takes him two-hours to reach the new office.

Ike is raging, no-one will tell him where Marty is but he finds him in the back of a van with Bruce. He asks Bruce to give them a moment, but he doesn’t budge. Ike asks if they can talk in Marty’s office, Marty informs him they don’t have them anymore.

On and on it goes with Marty, in his own, quiet, unassuming way, telling Ike to go f*ck himself. Ike asks if he’s being fired by Marty? Marty says no, he isn’t, but Martin Markowitz is.

Finally we get to see Marty stepping up to the plate and he smashes it out of the park. Ike, furious, storms off and Marty receives a round of applause from all his staff.

This is a great episode, it’s good to see Marty finally get ahold of his life again. It will be interesting what Apple have instore for us for the final episode of the season.

Georgia Pritchett (“Succession (TV)”, “Avenue 5 (TV)”) and Sas Goldberg (“Sas & Jake (TV Movie)”, “The Sonogram (Short)”) write this episode with Jesse Peretz behind the camera.

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