The Tinder Swindler Review

A Tinder Date That Turns Into A Web Of Lies, Betrayal And Broken Hearts

By Liselotte Vanophem

Whether you just wanted to give it a go for fun or to find love, you probably know how Tinder and all the other dating apps work. You have to create a profile, write a clever and funny biography (or just the bare minimum information if you don’t feel like it) and add some pictures (which are the ones you’re most proud of).

This is all to show your potential partner who you are. If you went on Tinder dates, you know that some of them went great, and some didn’t work out. However, we’re pretty sure that none of those dates come close to the ones Cecilie and the other women from The Tinder Swindler experienced.

They all met up with the same man and the dates with him were extremely good. Too good to be true, as first-time director Felicity Morris’ Netflix documentary proves. How could one swipe to the right change the lives of those women in ways they could never have imagined? That’s for you to find out in The Tinder Swindler.

Cecilie is the first woman we meet in this documentary. She’s eager to date and uses Tinder for that. We wouldn’t be that eager if we were in her shoes because, sadly, she still experiences the negative consequences of her latest Tinder meet-up.

We’re not talking about only a broken heart. She takes us back to the beginning when she came across the Tinder profile of Simon, a handsome billionaire playboy working in the diamond industry. She was immediately taken in by him, and to her surprise, they matched and decided to meet up that same day.

Their date started at the Four Seasons hotel in London and ended in Bulgaria. During the date, Simon asked Cecilie to accompany him on his diamond business trip. While this might have been too fast for many, Cecilie saw this as the opportunity of a lifetime. A luxurious romance blossomed full of champagne, fancy trips and every gift she could have ever imagined.

However, it doesn’t take long before dark cracks appear in the dreamy relationship. Cracks in the form of hidden social and dating accounts, enormous sums of money and Simon being on trips way too often (it seems that the diamond industry is very demanding).

When her debts grow, and her love life crumbles down slowly and steadily, Cecilie decides to stand up for her own, but by that time she does that, it’s all too late for her. Her fairy-tale relationship turns into a complete nightmare!

There’s much more happening in this documentary as we get to know the stories of the other women. However, we don’t want to say much more about those tales as you certainly have to discover The Tinder Swindler yourself.

During the trip through Cecilie’s life, you will go through many emotions and questions such as ‘How didn’t she see that coming?’, ‘why did she ignore all those red flags’, ‘was she in love or just naïve?’. You must keep in mind that we’re just bystanders and that it’s easier to judge people from behind our screens.

You might would have done the same as Cecilie if you were in her shoes. If you decide to watch this documentary, then the biggest surprise will come at the very end so stick around.

A story about finding love through dating apps is one of the most contemporary topics you will find these days. Because of this real-life aspect, The Tinder Swindler feels extremely relatable, compelling, and trendy. But, at the same time, it also feels dark, dangerous and mind-blowing.

To heighten that authentic feeling even more, the director decided to combine the actual interviews, fictional but very real-life looking scenes and footage provided by the police. In that regard, the documentary was made in the typical style and wasn’t that ground-breaking.

Whether you want to swipe left or right for The Tinder Swindler depends on your taste in documentaries, but maybe you should give it the benefit of the doubt (like we do with people) and swipe right.

While it could have done with a little more innovation in documentary-making, it’s cleverly made, feels extremely contemporary and relatable (especially if you’ve used Tinder) and provides you with an eventful story that will definitely make you think.

The Tinder Swindler is available on Netflix from the 2 ndof February

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