Uncharted [4k Review] Review

Jones By Any Other Name

By Mark

Based on the Naughty Dog / Sony video game of the same name, Uncharted stars Tom Holland (“ Spider-Man: No Way Home”, “ The Devil All the Time “) as the main man, Nathan Drake.

However, he’s not alone, not by a long shot, accompanied as he is by Mark Wahlberg (“Mile 22”, “ All the Money in the World “), who plays Victor Sullivan and, occasionally, by Sophia Ali (“Grey’s Anatomy (TV)”, “The Wilds (TV)”) as Chloe Frazer and chased by Tati Gabrielle (“You (TV)”, “The 100 (TV)”) as Braddock.

The movie takes inspiration from a number of the video games in the series but mainly from number four. It sees Sullivan recruit Drake to try and find some lost gold and a couple of ships, something that Drake and his brother Sam used to talk about a lot when they were kids.

In order to find the gold they must use a couple of keys, one of which they have, the other Frazer has, in order to solve and unlock a number of puzzles. So far, so Tomb Raider, I mean, Indiana Jones, I mean Uncharted, Uncharted, I meant Uncharted.

And that right there is the problem. The movie may take inspiration from a long-running video game franchise that is really rather good, but the video game is not that different from others and the movie is even more so.

It’s standard Hollywood stuff: A baddie who never seems to die (Braddock) despite numerous opportunities to put an end to them, a financier with all the money, backing the heavies rather than doing all the work themself, Santiago Moncada, Antonio Banderas (“ Acts of Vengeance “, “Pain and Glory”) and double cross after double cross.

Whilst some of the action sequences play out well, the opening fall from a plane certainly grabs your attention, it’s lost when you suddenly find yourself 15-years earlier to a young Nate and his brother to explain why he’s not around.

And, although the action sequences are decent, they are so far removed from any form of reality that you may as well go and play the video game and have done with it.

But I guess therein lies another problem for video game adaptations, or any adaptations really; do you stick to the source material verbatim, and risk getting it wrong, risk the medium not transferring that well? Or do you make some changes and risk upsetting those who love the source material?

Writers Rafe Judkins (“The Wheel of Time (TV)”, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)”), Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (both: “Men in Black: International”, “ Transformers: The Last Knight”), Jon Hanley Rosenberg (“Lost Soul”) and Mark D. Walker (“BlackBoxTV (TV)”) seem to have stuck reasonably close to the video game franchise whilst director Ruben Fleischer (“ Zombieland: Double Tap”, “ Venom “) goes big on the stunts.

As part of the UHD and Blu-ray’s you get some deleted and extended scenes, behind the scenes featurettes including: becoming Nathan Drake, big action breakdown, on set with Ruben Fleischer, stunts & action, the buddy system, villains, backstabbers & accomplices and commentary from Fleischer. The DVD just gets the buddy system extra. I’d love to tell you what these are like, but I couldn’t get them to play on the UHD disc I was sent so I’ve no idea, but something tells me I wasn’t missing much.

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